3 easy ways to lose weight

3 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Think weight loss can never be easy? Think again…

Over the years, I’ve taken on my fair share of fitness goals, including fat loss. Most people strive to lower their body fat percentage to around 15% or less. And once there, it’s all about maintenance. But if you’ve struggled to burn more fat and lose weight, you know it isn’t always easy – or it doesn’t always seem easy.

It all comes down to strategy. Real weight loss is totally achievable with the right strategies in place. So today, I’m offering up 3 easy strategies to lose weight. Trust me, you’re a lot closer to your weight loss goals than you might think!

Here are 3 easy ways to lose weight…fast!

3 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

1. Start Your Day Green

Hands down, one of the best supplements you can add to your weight loss diet is green tea. Its main benefit is that it’s all-natural, and although there are many healthy and safe supplements on the market, I tend to prefer anything that’s natural. But unlike most natural supplements, this one actually works really well!

Green tea is great for a number of reasons. First off, it is a natural appetite suppressant, so it will totally help curb your cravings and ward off excessive feelings of hunger. Its caffeine content will also help boost your metabolism and get you burning more fat and calories, so you can’t go wrong!

Any green tea will have this effect, but I recommend going for the strong stuff, matcha green tea. Its potency is increased exponentially compared to the everyday stuff, and it’s super easy to add to water or protein shakes. Check out one of the easiest ways to lose weight – Magic Matcha Green Tea.

2. Eat the Right Kind of Fat

All fats aren’t bad. In fact, some can actually help you burn fat and lose weight. An important step in any weight loss attempt is to cut the bad fats out of your diet. Trans and saturated fats should be avoided at all cost, and that means reducing your intake of fast foods, fried foods, and overly processed foods.

But healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids are a different story. Not only are they good for supporting overall health, including mental functioning, but new research has shown that they actually help your body redistribute body fat away from your abdomen  and waistline.

If you want a simple and easy way to slim down and lose weight, I recommend supplementing daily with a natural-source fatty acid supplement like Optimum Flaxseed Oil Softgels.

3. Take Vitamin D

My last easy weight loss strategy is also based on science. Vitamins are important ways to ensure your body is getting the nutritional support it needs, and I’ve always recommended taking a multivitamin daily.

But new research is showing that Vitamin D is particularly helpful when it comes to boosting metabolism and losing weight. Studies have found that when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, taking a Vitamin D supplement daily can enhance your weight loss results by up to 50%! Sounds pretty easy, right?

And what’s even better, Vitamin D supplements are pretty affordable. Check out one my favorite brands on the market today – NOW Vitamin D.

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