secrets to shred unwanted body fat

Secrets to Shred Unwanted Body Fat

Want to know my best secrets for shredding unwanted body fat?

The number of fad diets and weight loss strategies out there can be totally overwhelming. It’s no wonder that people fail on diets – the information is just too confusing (and often unclear).

But like many things in life, I’ve learned that keeping things simple is often the best approach. So today, I’m reviewing 10 simple but totally effective secrets for boosting metabolism and burning off unwanted body fat. And, you’re going to do it while building and maintaining lean muscle mass!

10 Simple Secrets to Shred Body Fat

1. Do Cardio First Thing in the Morning – Cardio within the first hour of waking up is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism for the day and knock off a lot of body fat. Sweating also helps reduce your water weight, and you’ll feel energized for your day.

2. Get the Right Kind of Fuel – If you want to lose serious weight, you’ve got to drop the soda, juice, and high sugar sports drinks from your diet. The sugar is only going to lead to more unwanted fat. Instead, drink water or all-natural beverages like this VPX Coco Fit Coconut Water.

3. Start Your Day with a Smoothie – The right kind of protein shake or smoothie is one of the best ways to start your day, especially if you head to the gym in the morning. The combination of high protein, low fat, and vitamins and minerals from fruits or vegetables is ideal. If you’re looking for a good whole foods protein supplement, try Vega Sport Performance Protein.

4. Don’t Stop there with the Protein – Throughout your day, really focus on getting more protein in your diet. It fills you up, prevents unwanted cravings, and boosts lean muscle mass!

5. Start Thinking Seriously about Fat – If you think all fat should be removed from your diet, you’re really not up to speed on what’s best for fat loss. You should definitely be cutting out fried foods and foods that contain saturated and trans fats, but many fats, like the kind found in Liquid Gold Flax Oil, actually enhance your fat loss!

6. Lift Weights to Burn Fat – It may not sound intuitive, but weight lifting is actually a more effective strategy for burning off unwanted body fat. It builds lean muscle mass, and the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism.

7. Try Something New All the Time – Repetition will lead to plateaus over time, whether it’s with weight loss or muscle gain. On a regular basis, you should constantly introduce new methods to your fat loss plan, whether it’s a new exercise, workout, or metabolism-boosting meal.

8. HIIT It – High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, is one of the best new strategies to add to your fat loss workout. It’s all about intense bursts of high impact exercises that will get you burning fat and calories like nothing before. For more info, read my article on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) here.

9. Stretch More – Believe it or not, stretching goes a long way to help you shred unwanted fat. Not only does it condition and build lean muscle mass, it also burns some calories in the process and helps keep you looking lean and toned. Add a day of yoga to your routine, or simply make a bigger commitment to stretching after your workouts.

10. Supplement the Right Way – There are a number of natural and effective fat loss supplements on the market. Making the right decisions about these supplements can really help you drop the weight and look more trim and toned overall. One of my latest recommendations is the highly successful L-Carnitine Plus Raspberry Ketones.

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