5 Things To Do Before Bed Tonight to Lose Weight Tomorrow

Think Ahead for the Best Results

You know those people who you’re always wondering what their secret is to looking so freaking good?  Unequivocally the best way to really succeed, and I mean really succeed with losing excess weight it so plan ahead. The good news is that it’s all a lot simpler than you think.

If you’re falling behind or finally want to have a breakthrough on getting more toned, make tonight the night that you start preparing better – and try these 5 strategies.

Do These Things Tonight, Lose More Weight Tomorrow

Pack a Lunch – and Snacks

This first tip is pretty basic, but it can seriously have a huge impact on your weight loss. Packing a lunch for the next day is the safest way to avoid eating junk food or fast food for lunch. If you make your lunch right, you can even boost your fat-burning potential. Make sure you include a healthy protein source, a good serving of veggies and greens, and some whole grains for mental energy and concentration. And don’t forget the healthy snacks too – they can be an even bigger lifesaver.

Need some metabolism-boosting lunch recipes? Click here for a few Healthy Lunch Ideas.

Prepare Your Breakfast

I like to take it one step further and prepare my breakfast for the next morning (as much as I can anyway). The morning is one of the busiest times of the day, and just hitting the snooze button can be enough to throw you off. So get together what you can, whether it’s a bag of cut-up fruit for your smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal ready to heat up.

Pack Your Gym Bag for Tomorrow’s Workout

I like to have my gym bag packed and ready to go the night before so I don’t miss a beat. It sounds simple enough, but realizing you don’t have clean track pants in the morning can make a good workout obsolete. Get a little more serious and throw the bag in your car or by the door so you can’t miss it.

Avoid Unhealthy Snacking Before Bed

Eating unhealthy, fattening foods before bed can total ruin your efforts the next day. You don’t want to eat foods that leave you feeling bloated. Instead, you want to go for foods that boost metabolism and energy, so that you wake up feeling ready to go.

Here’s what you should avoid eating at night – The Worst Things to Eat at Night.

Make Sure You Get a Solid Sleep

This last one is pretty critical, and may be the most important thing you do for tomorrow’s weight loss. A poor night’s sleep interferes with your metabolism, your energy, and your cravings the next day. Why? Sleep regulates hormones related to your hunger, and without sleep, they get thrown out of whack. So make sure you’re getting your 6 to 8 hours of sleep, and you’ll be way better off when it comes to keeping your hunger and energy in line tomorrow.

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