How to Burn Belly Fat

how to burn belly fat

How to Burn Belly Fat

Burning belly fat is one of the most common health and fitness goals out there. And let’s face it – it’s one of the last places anyone wants to gain weight.

Unfortunately, getting rid of belly fat isn’t always easy, especially without the best tools at your disposal. But with the right approach and a little common sense, you can totally enhance your ability to burn belly fat, and get the results you’re looking for!

It all comes down to 2 general principles. Let me explain…

How to Burn Belly Fat

The biggest fat loss myth out there is that you can target your fat loss efforts to burn more fat in one particular part of your body, like your belly. This just isn’t the case. When it comes to fat loss, you have to burn more fat all around in order to trim the fat from your waistline.

There are 2 main strategies for doing this, and noticeable fat loss results require both approaches:

Strategy #1 – Eat to Burn Fat

The first thing you need to do to burn belly fat is to adopt a low-fat, metabolism-boosting eating plan.

I’m not a big fan of calorie-restricting diets. They’re not practical and when done incorrectly or in in excess, they actually cause your metabolism to shut down, inhibiting your body’s ability to burn fat.

The best approach is to change what you eat, with burning fat in mind. Cut the fat, sugar, and processed foods, and look for foods that are high in healthy fats (like omega-3’s – eg. AllMax Nutrition Omega 3), protein, and fiber. These 3 ingredients are particularly effective metabolism-boosters.

By eating more of these foods, you can essentially add fuel to your fire on a regular basis. Protein, for example, takes longer to digest, so it burns more fat and calories during digestion alone. It also keeps you satisfied longer and prevents snacking. This is why I always recommend starting your day with a healthy, metabolism-boosting protein shake with a high quality whey protein like Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion, or if you want a plant-based alternative then try Vega Sport Performance Protein.

TIP: There are also some great fat burning supplements on the market that are also natural. One of the biggest supplements to hit the market in a long time is 7-Keto LeanGels, a unique blend of thermogenic ingredients that will help you burn more belly fat.

Strategy #2 – Exercise to Build Muscle

Once your eating habits are cleaned up and geared towards fat loss, you need to get moving. But believe it or not, cardiovascular exercise is not the key burning belly fat.

While cardio can effectively boost your metabolism for a few hours, it doesn’t have the same long-term effect on your fat burning potential as resistance training with weights. Resistance training increase your body’s lean muscle mass, and the amount of muscle mass you have has a direct impact on your metabolism. This is why men often have an easier time losing weight, because they tend to have more muscle mass.

By building lean muscle mass all over your body, your ability to burn fat (including belly fat) will be enhanced significantly. Increasing your largest muscles, like your chest, back, and legs, will have the greatest impact. Remember, you can’t target your fat burning efforts!

TIP: Although you can’t target your fat burning efforts with either diet or exercise, you can tone and tighten your belly by engaging in targeted abdominal and core exercises. These exercises, like ones outlined in my Fat Burning Workout Plan, will build and tone your abdominal muscles and give the appearance of a sexier and more toned waistline.

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