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Low Carb High Protein Diet to Boost Fat Loss

I’m getting quite a few questions about what to eat and how many calories you should be eating to lose fat and in turn convert that fat into lean muscle, so let’s dive into this topic and reveal a very important principle.

Before we begin, I hope to bring to light something here again. We get quite stressed out about calorie counting and it seems to ruin our whole joy in eating, so please take it out of the picture. The focus is really wrong with this mentality and leads to the greatest failures.

Instead try and think about how to continually improve and advance your form in the gym and in whatever sport you are taking part in. What things could you take out of your diet, and what healthy things can you add in place of them? Is someone or something holding you back in getting the results you want to achieve? How can you overcome that?

Ok now we’re getting somewhere! With these in mind now we can focus on having fun with it all and in the near future if you feel like you need more support with this, I am thinking of adding a membership section to this site so that I can help you see the fun in it. If you think that is a good idea please leave a comment for me below! But for now let’s get back on track…

Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets were all the rage a decade ago, cause the idea was that our body immediately stores excess carbohydrates as fat in our bodies. But then nutritionists, personal trainers, dietitians and health professionals screamed that this was not the right way to go. Sure low carb can lead to some weight loss results but the problem with it is that it robs us of our energy. We need carbs to fuel us throughout the day, and especially need them if we want to have a successful workout.

So how can we make sure we get enough carbs and at the same time have a reduced carbohydrate consumption to allow us to have killer workouts that allow us to progress week from week? Can we focus more on protein to counterbalance the calorie intake and use that protein for the energy?

High Protein Diets

Most guys know now that you need to have a high protein diet in order to fuel your muscles and keep them recovering and growing from your training. Women tend to not focus on this as much especially after all the crazy health problems caused by diet plans like the Atkins Diet. But what about now? How much has our knowledge of high protein diets been improved?

Can we maintain a high protein and low carb diet to boost our fat loss efforts?

Well the answer is….YES…sort of!

What does that mean? It means you have to use your knowledge of your body and your training schedule to manipulate this principle.

The key is to have a high protein diet full of lean meats, beans, peas, and of course whey protein powder (please read my article on benefits of Whey Protein Powder), as well as a diet full of low carb foods like veggies, and fruit.

So where does the sort of come into play? Simply before your workouts. Make sure to have a good amount of carbohydrates about 1-2 hours before your training. This will allow your body to digest the carbs and then immediately supply them to your muscles as a form of energy.

You be asking what about if you workout first thing in the morning? Well a bowl of cereal or a banana should definitely do the trick. Just try and have it first thing right after you wake up and then get ready after.

Of course we can take this to another level with carbohydrate loading phases. I’ll address carbohydrate loading benefits in another advanced article which is a little targeted towards much more serious athletes. At this stage let’s not worry about that as again that takes the fun out of eating and causes most of us to lose focus.

Conclusion Low Carb High Protein Diet to Boost Fat Loss

Ok now we have something more concrete, we have advanced our knowledge of including a low carb high protein diet throughout our days to help us boost fat loss by remembering to eat lots of cabs right before our workouts. This is a golden key you’ve been given and I guarantee success with this because ever since I studied it thoroughly in my advanced exercise nutrition certification it has opened up so many different new doors for me that I didn’t believe was possible before. I hope you gain to value this knowledge as I do now!

I’d love to hear your feedback on this article and if you would also like to be part of the beta group for an upcoming membership section of this site. Please leave a comment below…