7 Ways to Boost Fitness Motivation

Boost Your Fitness Motivation

When I first got into weight lifting years ago, I remember how difficult it could be to stay energized and motivated. It’s gotten easier over the years, but without a doubt, motivation is still one of the biggest frustrations to fitness success.

And I see it all the time with my clients. People struggle to get motivated, and all their efforts amount to little success.

The good news it that there are certain strategies you can put in place quickly to get some awesome results in boosting your motivation to workout and be at your best. Try one, or try them all, you really can’t go wrong.

Ready to get motivated?

7 Strategies to Boost Your Fitness Motivation

1. Make a Plan that’s Right for You – If there’s anywhere to start, it’s here. Without a solid workout plan in place, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to inconsistencies and frustrations. A workout schedule is the best thing to keep you motivated and on track. It keeps you accountable, and it becomes part of your routine. To do it right, read my article on Making a Workout Schedule here.

2. Focus on Successes – To really stay motivated, it’s important that you make a shift in your thinking. You have to get out of the habit of focusing on failures or lack of results, and really stay focused on the successes you make along the way, however small. This is one of the benefits of keeping a fitness journal – it allows you to see your success on paper!

3. Be Realistic about Your Goals – One of the biggest mistakes people make is setting unrealistic fitness goals. And once you’ve set a goal that you can’t achieve, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Make small goals, and as you achieve them, you’ll feel even more motivated to succeed.

4. Find the Right Workout Space – The same gym doesn’t work for everyone’s needs. Finding the space that’s best for you and your needs is key to staying motivated. If you work better at home, then tailor your workouts to a home fitness space. If you need to be social, find the right gym.

5. Prepare for Your Workouts – To really get motivated, you need to prepare for your workouts. It’s important to get into the right mental zone first. A god night’s sleep can help with that, or listening to some uplifting music. You can also do things to prepare your body and get energized. Check out my Best Pre Workout Supplements here for some great energy-boosting options.

6. Find a Workout Buddy – This one isn’t always the easiest, but trust me, if you can do it you should. Being accountable to someone else is a huge source of motivation, and it’s really the next best thing to having a personal trainer.

7. Reward Yourself – People often overlook the utility of this strategy. Setting rewards for yourself at the end of each week or letting yourself splurge on something when you succeed is a great way to keep yourself motivated. You might even go so far as to putting a picture of your reward on the fridge. It might be an indulgent meal, or a new shirt. Whatever it is, it will keep you moving towards success!

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