Preparing for the New Sexier You

A New Better, Sexier You

As the new year passes us by the thoughts going through your mind is how you’re going to get and stay better than the previous you.  This means being more healthy, more confident and definitely more sexy right?

So the question that then remains is how?  How is this all going to happen?  Especially when things get busy and life washes over you leaving you little time to make all of these aspirations come to life.

Well it’s time to say SCREW that! Screw it all and let’s get sh*t done and let’s get it done sooner than later, this time we’re not going to put it behind us.  These are the steps we’re going to take…

  1. Easing your mind from temptations: So this one is going to give you a little resistance because it means cleaning out your kitchen, and before you think ugh, more work, it’s a one time thing and you’re going to feel great when it’s done, in fact a major accomplishment.

    So screw all the BS cleanses and instead think about arranging your fridge so the healthiest options are the easiest to reach for. That means fruit and fresh veggies like celery/carrots/snap peas ready to snack on. The same things goes for your cupboards, you may in fact want to think about just getting rid of any unhealthy tempting sugar and processed foods all together, particularly of the cookie, chips, chocolate kind.
  2. Easing your mind from clutter: This is a personal challenge that will have so many incredible outcomes – particularly of the reduction in stress kind of outcome!  And it can mean different things, like just getting rid of clutter in your home, office, car or simply picking one workout routine and healthy meal plan and sticking to it.

    It can also mean doing what you need to do to get rid of past relationship/family issues that are burdening your mind and not allowing you to relax. All it takes is a little bit of planning and chipping at it bit by bit but getting rid of that mental clutter has proven to be incredibly helpful in reducing your stress levels and allowing you to be more successful in anything that you do.
  3. Easing your mind from boredom: Doing the same thing over and over again ultimately leads to incredible boredom and ultimately unsatisfaction with one self. This is especially exasperated when it’s repeated for months on end. So the question you need to ask yourself is how you’re going to prevent this from happening?

    The good news is that you don’t need to make this overcomplicated.  It can be as simple as planning two or three vacations this year even if one of them is a low-budget staycation where you get to pamper yourself with a couple awesome dinners out and some spa/massage treatments.

    It can also mean that you break up the year with trying different types of fitness regiments focused around one of these for instance: yoga, spinning, hiking, running, biking, skating/skiing, and of course different weight training workouts that help you either gain muscle or really tone your body all over.

How does it feel now?  What thoughts are going through your mind?  Leave me a comment below and state how you think you’ll approach these different steps, I guarantee that if you do the likelihood of them coming to fruition will be more likely and ultimately you will be a better sexier you…then I’ll know I’ve helped make a difference with this blog… 🙂