Weight Loss Training

If you are training for the beach season or just want to look and feel your best then you want to put in place a smart training plan to lose some excess weight.

We’ll focus on losing that excess weight and also converting that into hard toned sexy muscle which will turn heads and give you a rush that makes all the effort worth it!

Grab a cup of antioxidant metabolism boosting green tea (or check out VPX Redline with green tea) and get ready to put together a killer weight loss training plan…

Weight Loss Training: The Right Sleep

I know it and you know it, adequate sleep is a very powerful way of making sure you have the most energy in your workouts. Without a doubt you will have the greatest strength and stamina on days where you had a good night sleep the night before.

Don’t underestimate this factor because new studies are showing those that are constantly getting less than 7 hours sleep are also much more likely to be overweight.

If you’d like to know more about this subject and how to improve your sleep check out my article Weight Loss Tips: Sleep and Fat Loss.

Weight Loss Training: The Right Foods

It’s funny because every time I speak to someone about eating healthy and training hard I get the same reaction of “yuk, do you really eat healthy all the time?”

My answer to that is that I do whatever it takes to really enjoy the food that I eat. Lately I’ve made a conscious effort to experiment with new spices, condiments (dijon mustard rocks!) and bringing out the flavour of foods because to be frank in North America healthy food seems to always get mixed up with bland food.

Step outside the box and challenge recipes to make them healthy but still taste good.

Also along this note, actually take the TIME to chew your food and experience all the flavours. If you’re like me and eat in front of the tv, that’s ok, but just be conscious of what you are eating and that you are not rushing through a meal.

Not only will you digest the food better but you will enjoy it more and this will allow your weight loss training that much more successful.

Weight Loss Training: The Right Training Routine

Just like the right kind of food you want to make sure you pick a training routine that challenges you and yet allows you to feel really great about yourself.

What this means is that you shouldn’t chose a grueling work out that you despise and never look forward to.

Make sure it matches your level and if not bring it down to your current level with the decision that you will eventually get there one day.

This kind of mentality leads you to a much more pleasurable success feeling and will keep you motivated much greater than something that is too hard or even too easy.

By the way if you are looking for a new workout you know where to go – the workouts and training section of this site!

Weight Loss Training: The Right Music

The right music really ties into your motivation. If your gym is music-less or is playing downtempo music take an mp3 player that you loaded with adrenaline pumping beats.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to the gym tired and found that music has got my energy flowing and super focused on pushing my workout to the next level.

I find electronic music is really good for this because it mixes in tons of the popular songs but makes them edgier and fast paced, if this sounds up your alley check out Chris Wren’s Freshcast Podcast.

Weight Loss Training: The Right Supplements

If I were to choose just a few essential supplements I’d go for whey protein, multivitamin, energy matrix for pre workout fuel, BCAA’s for muscle recovery, and Omega 3’s for optimal cardiovascular health.

Take a look at these two articles which focus these supplements by gender:

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