muscle bulking phase

Muscle Bulking Phase – Still Valid?

It used to be very common for bodybuilders to start bulking muscle in the fall, put on fat and muscle throughout the winter, and cut in the spring so they would be ready for the summers at the beach.

They used to do this year in and year out.

But, to put on substantial amounts of muscle, do you have to do a traditional bulk and put on some fat as well?

More and more people are turning to different diets like carb cycling and calorie cycling to stay lean year round while still building bulky muscle.

The overall goal of these diets is to use high calorie or high carb days to fuel intense workouts and build muscle, while using intermittent low calories days to cut fat.

Instead of spending a month bulking and a month cutting, you would spend one day bulking and one day cutting, over and over again. This prevents the accumulation of fat on your body and allows you to look good all year.

Some people still question whether these new techniques are as effective as traditional bulking. Some people like traditional bulking because they can eat pretty much anything they want.

Whatever group you fall into, you at least owe it to yourself to do some research on these new methods. You may like the unlimited eating that comes with heavy duty bulking, but something else may work better for you! You will never know if you don’t investigate every possibility…

So, should you ditch traditional bulk and cut cycles and try these new techniques, or should you stick to tried and true methods. In the end, it is up to you. But, ask yourself this – do you want to be walking around with extra fat during the fall and winter, or do you want to be ripped year round?

What is your experience with a muscle bulking phase? Have you found something that works for you?