hollywood cookie diet review

What you need to know about Hollywood Cookie Diet

It is entirely possible to eat cookies and lose weight with the Hollywood Cookie Diet Cookie Diet Meal Replacement method. By eating four cookies a day in place of your breakfast and lunch, you greatly reduce your body fat without starving or feeling unsatisfied.

These cookies combine protein and fiber with thirteen vitamins and minerals which make them a healthy and nutritional meal replacement option – and they taste good! Eat one in place of breakfast, one for a mid-morning snack, one for lunch and one for a late afternoon snack and you have enough nourishment to stay alert and focused all day.

Who is Hollywood Cookie Diet for?

The Hollywood Cookie Diet is a great idea for anyone who:

  • Has tried other meal replacement programs with little success
  • Doesn’t always have time to eat a proper breakfast and lunch
  • Wants to lose weight without taking foul tasting pills
Why you’d be interested in using Hollywood Cookie Diet

Some of the many advantages offered by the Hollywood Cookie Diet are:

  • Great tasting cookies in a variety of flavors
  • Natural ingredients
  • Palm sized cookies that are individually wrapped make a great ‘meal on the go’
The Cons/Disadvantages of Hollywood Cookie Diet

Some of the biggest disadvantages of the Hollywood Cookie Diet are:

  • The cookies are dry and increase thirst
  • Crumble very easily which makes them quite messy
  • Not for people with certain food allergies
Common Misspellings

Some common misspellings include :

  • Holywood Cookie Diet
  • Hollywood Cooki Diet
  • Hollywood Cookee Diet
Our final verdict on Hollywood Cookie Diet

On the surface the Hollywood Cookie Diet may seem like another fad diet, but with proven results, it may be the right choice for you. They make a fast meal and don’t leave you feeling hungry. Just make sure you don’t eat them over your keyboard as they can be a little messy, but hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Get the best price on Hollywood Cookie Diet Today!

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