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Abdominal Weight Loss Attack

This is it. It’s a time when you are probably wavering on your attack on losing weight from your abdominal area and motivation is dwindling. But don’t give up yet, I’m writing this article just for you to boost your motivation and create a workout like none other. This is as extreme as it gets and you are going to need gather all your strength and push through this one for at least 4 weeks.

One side note here before we get into the workout. One of the best tips I have here is gather up everything that is frustrating you these days. Everything that is making you angry, all your relationship, financial, work issues and bundle it up so you can take it out on the machines and weights at the gym. Got it? Good! Let’s go!

Abdominal Weight Loss Workout

We’re going to create an abdominal weight loss workout which combines my ultimate treadmill workout and other core exercises all into one day. Make sure you get enough nutrition an hour before this workout because it’s going to be intense….

5 minute treadmill warm-up: start with 5 minutes of warming up on the treadmill from 4.1mph to a steady 6.5mph

Abdominal exercise 1 – 50 crunches on stability ball. (view image)
Oblique exercise 1 – Woodchopper with medicine ball. (view image )
High Intensity Interval Training session – Interval 30 seconds each of 6.0mph and 8.5mph for 10 minutes
Abdominal exercise 2 – 30 balance board knee tucks. (view image)
Oblique exercise 2 – 2 sets side planks on each side. Remember to hold for 30 seconds on each side. (view image)
Moderate Intensity Elliptical Trainer – 5 minutes of elliptical trainer at moderate intensity (ie.level 5)
Abdominal Exercise 3 – 2 sets of 10 hanging leg raises (view image)
Lower back extensions – 2 sets of 10. (view image)
Bike Machine Cool Down – 5 minutes of moderate intensity on bike machine (ie.level 5)

I want to make it so that you never waiver with this workout so here’s another tip. Print this abdominal weight loss workout and review it on the morning that you will do this. This will keep it fresh in your mind and keep you on track.

Download Workout:
You can now download this work out here – Abdominal Weight Loss Workout (right click and save as)

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Conclusion: Abdominal Weight Loss Attack

Remember this is an extreme workout so if you can’t complete it or need to water it down the first several sessions feel free to do so and don’t get discouraged. The goal here is to have something to really achieve and if you can stick with this workout at least once or twice a week for 4-6 weeks you are going to see some fantastic results in your abdominal area, your core will be much stronger and you are going to feel amazing when you look at yourself in the mirror after doing this.

Have any questions, thoughts or feedback about this routine? Please leave a comment below…