Killer Midsection Toning Routine

Achieve Total Success

Let’s face it, getting a rock hard, defined six pack is really one of the defining features of a fit and toned body. It’s probably the hardest goal to accomplish,  and it’s rare to see a six pack that isn’t accompanied by chiseled arms, a defined chest and back, and a strong lower body.

What’s the secret to a toned and sexy midsection? Hard work, for starters, and a combination of healthy eating and a solid workout plan.

When it comes to healthy eating, you want to get all the basics right: low fat, low sugar, high protein, high fiber, and minimal but healthy (complex and whole grain) carbohydrates. Healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. NOW Ultra Omega-3), and vitamins like Vitamin D (e.g. NOW Vitamin D), have also been shown to boost metabolism and contribute to higher fat burning results.

For more information on how to get your toning diet right, read my Six Pack Diet Plan for Women and my Six Pack Diet Plan for Men. You should find everything you need to get your eating habits on track! Remember, your nutrition plan is half the battle when it comes to getting a ripped and toned midsection.

Now for the workout…

Killer Ab Toning Routine

When it comes to working out for your abs, you need to have a total body approach to fitness. What I mean by that is that you need to be working out your entire body to see results, because fat loss depends on total body exercise. You can’t spot train when it comes to fat loss, and losing fat is the biggest factor in seeing a toned, ripped midsection.

But you definitely need at least one workout a week to be focused on your core and abs. Not only will this boost your fat burning results, it will also tone your midsection and improve its appearance. The more muscle mass you have, the tighter and more toned your abs will look.

This ab toning routine is the perfect addition to your fitness program. You’ll need about 45 minutes for this workout. Personally, I’ve had the best results by doing a targeted abdominal and core workout at least once a week.

What to do…

For each exercise, you really want to work until muscle fatigue, or until you can’t get out another rep without breaking proper form. Generally speaking, that means aiming for 15-25 reps (or more, depending on fitness level) per core exercise.

Rest for no more than 30 seconds between sets. And make sure you stay hydrated throughout!

  1. 5 minutes Jumping Rope (Warm-Up)
  2. 4 sets Oblique Crunch on Stability Ball (each side) (view exercise)
  3. 4 sets Hanging Leg Raise (view exercise)
  4. 3 sets Bosu Ball Knee Tucks (view exercise)
  5. 3 sets Ab Twist with Cable Pulley (view exercise)
  6. 3 sets Russian Twist on Stability Ball (view exercise)
  7. 3 sets Woodchopper (view exercise)
  8. 3 sets 1 minute Plank

Remember, you need to do this kind of dedicated ab workout at least once a week in order to really tone your abs and midsection. In addition to that, make sure you’re doing some solid cardiovascular and resistance training to increase muscle mass and burn fat overall.

Take Things Up a Notch

Looking to get even more out of this killer ab toning routine? Try taking an intra-workout supplement like Scivation XtendScivation Xtend to maximize your energy output and improve your gains. You should also consider a natural fat burning supplement like 7-Keto LeanGels to help you shed that extra fat and show off those six pack results!

Have any questions or feedback about this Killer Midsection Toning Routine? Please leave a comment below…