how to burn fat fast

How to Burn Fat Fast

Burning fat and losing weight can be tough goals. But if you take the right approach, you can burn fat fast and be on your way to looking fit and ripped in no time!

Time is an issue for all of us, and we all have days when fitting in a good workout is tough.

So how about a 10-minute workout that will have you burning up to 300 calories?

Believe it or not, it’s possible! It’s all about challenging your body and getting intense. No matter how much time you have, you can fit in a decent workout that will burn some extra calories and give your metabolism a boost.

Burning fat and losing weight are all about getting yourself into a calorie deficit. This means burning more calories than you take in on any given day.

So whether this is your only workout of the day or an add-on to your current routine, burning an extra 300 calories will help you get a bit closer to your fat-loss fitness goals.

10-Minute / 300-Calorie Workout

This workout combines 3 exercises and mirrors the type of exercises you’d typically see in high intensity interval training. All exercises can be done at home or at the gym and require no equipment whatsoever!

1. Jump Squats

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms at your sides. Start by doing a regular squat, and then jump up out of the squat as high as you can while reaching your arms to the ceiling. When you land, immediately lower your body back into the squat and repeat. The goal here is to flow smoothly from the squat to the jump and back into the squat.

Beginner – 10 reps & 30 seconds rest before next exercise.
Advanced – 30 reps and 10 seconds rest before next exercise.

2. Spider-Man Push-Ups

Start in a regular push up position, keeping your back straight and aligned. As you lower your chest to the ground, raise one knee up and to the side of your body, so that your bent leg is parallel to the ground and your knee is pointing to your side. Return to the starting position and repeat using the other leg.

Beginner – 10 reps & 30 seconds rest.
Advanced – 25 reps and 10 seconds rest.

3. Sprints

Sprints can be done at the gym, at home, or outdoors, so they’re a great fitness tool to keep on hand. Make sure you push yourself and don’t take things too easy! Sprints of any distance can be effective, and back-and-forth sprinting within a more confined area will burn just as many calories.

Beginner – 10 second sprint & 30 seconds rest.
Advanced – 20 second sprint & 10 seconds rest.

How to Burn Fat Fast – Conclusion

Trust me, the combination of these high intensity exercises will really work up a sweat and get you burning fat fast! Simply alternate between these 3 exercises for 10 (or more) minutes at maximum intensity.

Follow up with a good recovery drink like Scivation Xtend, and add a natural weight loss supplement to your diet for even better fat-burning results. Check out Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer – a great option for boosting your metabolism!

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