how to build biceps

How to Build Biceps

I’ve been working out for quite a while, but if there’s one muscle group that been especially frustrating, it’s my biceps.

For some reason, no matter how hard I push them, they always seem to hit a plateau that takes forever to overcome.

But I’ve learned some tricks over the years too.

The same rules apply – change things up frequently to shock your muscles. But when it comes to building biceps, this is definitely the case. You need to change up your bicep routine constantly. When I do biceps, I never repeat the exact same routine on 2 bicep days in a row. At the very least, I try to alternate between 2 different combinations of bicep exercises.

I also throw in some different techniques, like supersetting my bicep and back muscles. Drop sets can also be extremely effective for your biceps. This means performing sets which consist of 3 different staggered weights (for example, 40 lbs, 30 lbs, and 20 lbs). When you reach exhaustion on the highest weight, immediately move to the next highest and continue your reps, until finally dropping to the lowest weight. One cycle equals one set. Perform 3 full sets and you’ll see why this is such a great technique!

Another trick is to challenge your biceps individually rather than at the same time. Barbells can offer great options in your bicep workout, but they leave a lot of room for one arm to work harder than the other. I’m a big fan of concentration curls with dumbbells, as these really focus in on the biceps.

Form is another big one. Many people get stuck in the same way of lifting when it comes to biceps, but the reality is, there are a ton of options and different ways of lifting. When it comes to dumbbell curls, the proper basic form is to let the dumbbells hang straight down from your shoulders. Then, without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows and curl the dumbbells as close to your shoulders as you can. Make sure you pause for a few seconds, and then slowly lower the weights back to starting position.

A key point here is to completely straighten your arm on every release. Otherwise, you’re not getting the full extension and contraction of the biceps. Your speed on your release is also important – make sure you release speed is at least double that of your contraction speed. This will ensure maximum results.

Variety in any bicep exercise or curl can easily be attained by alternating hand positions. You can start with palms facing forward (classic position) or palms facing inward (as in a hammer curl). You can also start with palms facing inward and rotate outward as you bring the weight upward, as in a supinated dumbbell curl. If you’re also making use of barbells, cable weights, and machines, the possibilities really are endless!

If you’re looking for some effective bicep exercises, check out my Ultimate Biceps Workout Plan here!

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