Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss Tips

Let’s face it fat loss is a major challenge for most of us and we often envy those who have a natural high metabolism and can seem to burn fat just by breathing.

Well I’m here to tell you that I’ll make it easy for you and provide you with these fat loss tips which will help you get some very good results especially around your midsection.

Once you’ve finished reading these tips the question will be… Are you ready to put them into place and overcome moments where your will power is the most compromised?

Let’s get started!

Fat Loss Tips: Eliminating Junk Food

This may seem as obvious as heck, but junk food like sodas, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate bars and chips quickly add up to excess calories which really create that layer of fat covering all your hard work from the gym. In other words, no matter how hard you work out if you have junk food in your daily diet then progress will not only be difficult it will become almost impossible!

But what about junk food that is in disguise? In this case I’m talking about microwaveable popcorn, yogurt or frozen yogurt with high fructose corn syrup, rice cakes, vitamin water, bran muffins or even most protein bars (including cliff bars). This is a good reminder to make sure that you check the nutrition facts of anything you by that is processed in some way.

If you wanted a quick run down on what to look for in nutrition facts labels, read this article – How to Read Nutrition Facts Label.

Fat Loss Tips: Alcohol = Beer Belly

Beer belly didn’t get it’s name for no reason! Unfortuntely alcohol serves a tripple whammy to your training results. It’s high in calories which are used as a primary energy source before your body burns off other food sources meaning you are more likely to store fat in a pretty big way. On top of that it messes with your metabolism and leaving you with a surplus of calories to store as fat.

Reach for a glass of red wine at the most, and try and shy away from beer as much as you can. The claims that beer has good nutrition benefits such as vitamins are all bogus claims in disguise. Try it out, stay away from alcohol for even just a couple weeks and see the difference it can make!

Fat Loss Tips: Go For the Burn

It’s funny when you sometimes get into this momentum of doing a certain number of repetitions and forget about the burn you should be aiming for. You know that burn feeling when you can’t do another rep but somehow you muster up the energy to push through?

This is the stage where your adrenaline kicks in and your muscles engorge with blood and you get that pumped feeling which is an incredible feeling that surpasses most! You want to try variations in your exercises as much as possible to get this burn feeling because this pushing the edge is what give results.

This is why I like to add super-sets (where you do one exercise after another without any rest between) and bring in high intensity interval training into my cardio workouts. One of the best super-sets is a bicep exercise called 21’s where for 7 repetition you bring the weight half way up, then for another 7 reps you start from that half way point and go to the top, and the final 7 reps you do the full movement. This is such a killer exercise that you will have to go with a much lighter weight to get through it.

Fat Loss Tips: After Each Weight Workout A Quick Cardio Session

This one is awesome, a short cardio session after a weight workout blasts you through belly fat like a grenade. Usually within 45 minutes to an hour of a good weight workout, all the sugar in your blood system is used up.

So doing a cardio session after this means you will tap right into your fat stores to get the energy you need for the movement.

I highly recommend that you try jumping rope for your post workout cardio because it activates every muscle in your body in quite a unique way and is fantastic for building your stamina, endurance level and coordination.

Top Fat Loss Supplements

Burning fat with supplementation means using thermogenic stimulators which blast through belly fat. These are the top 4 selling fat loss supplements:

Fat Loss Tips: Conclusion

Have you put these three tips into place at the same time yet? Even if you have it’s time to give it another round so you can remember how good it feels not to have that spare tire around your waist for a change.

Have any questions or comments about these fat loss tips? Please leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to have a response for you usually in the next few days…