diet plans that work

Diet Plans that Work

Fad diets come and go. In the end, the best approach is finding a diet plan that works for you.

In my many years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness coach, I have observed a number of different approaches to dieting and weight loss. I’ll be honest with you – I can’t even keep track of them all! The options can be overwhelming, and I’ve seen a number of my clients struggle with the very decision of which plan to follow.

But I’ve also learned that when it comes right down to it, the diet plans that work are the ones that take a sensible and practical approach to healthy eating. Any diet that falls in the extremes is just too difficult to maintain over the long run.

So I’m going to lay it all out for you and review the top 5 diet plans that work. My top picks for diet plans are based on my experiences with clients and my own personal efforts for fitness success. Take a look, and decide which diet plan is right for you!

Top 5 Diet Plans that Work

1. The Fat Loss Diet Plan – The best dieting approach to losing weight and getting healthy is a diet that is focused on burning more fat. There are a number of ways that you can boost your metabolism naturally and effectively, in order to enhance your body’s potential to use up calories for energy. Whether it’s eating more protein or increasing the amount of fat-burning omega-3s in your diet, the options are endless.

For the full 4-week plan, take a look at my Ultimate Fat Loss Diet Plan.

2.  The Low-Carb Diet Plan – Carbs are another major issue when it comes to dieting and weight loss. I’ve never been a supporter of cutting out carbs completely, but I do think that reducing your carbohydrate intake can lead to successful weight loss results.

To get all the details on my low-carb diet plan, check out the Carb Addicts Diet Plan.

3. The Detox Diet Plan – Many people ask me about detox diets, and I tend to have mixed feelings about them. Extreme detox diets that involve restricting your food intake to shakes or weird drinks are not the greatest route. They’re often hard on your body and result in a very strong rebound effect. What I do support, however, is a healthy, whole foods approach to detoxing. This is a really effective way to jumpstart your weight loss.

Read more about Detox Diets for Weight Loss here.

4. The Muscle Toning Diet Plan – Increasing your lean muscle mass is a popular fitness goal. After all, more lean muscle contributes to an overall attractive physique. It also contributes to better strength, balance, coordination, and overall better health. A diet that supports this requires getting a sufficient amount of protein and calories to support muscle growth.

If you’re trying to build lean muscle mass while also burning more fat, check out my Muscle Toning Meal Plan.

5. The Six Pack Diet Plan – Another popular fitness goal, to little surprise, is getting a sexy six pack. But as many of you know, this can take a lot of hard work. Getting a washboard stomach is just as much about diet as it is about exercise and fitness. In order to see your abdominal muscles, you need to really shred the fat while also maintaining muscles mass.

For some great meal ideas, check out my Six Pack Diet Plan for Women and my Six Pack Diet Plan for Men.

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