valentine's day workout & diet plan

Valentine’s Day Workout & Diet Plan Countdown

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and whether you’re single or not the best gift you can give yourself and the person you are trying to woo is the BEST version of you possible, right?

Hopefully you agree with this statement because having a healthy body means more self confidence, more awareness of your body, greater sensory perception and ultimately better sex! Can’t really go wrong on this front so let’s take a look at 4 week workout and diet plan you can implement right away to get into the best shape possible in such little time.

Week 1: Valentine’s Day Workout & Diet Plan

In this week your biggest challenge is getting ready to take one major leap forward with your diet and workout plan. First things, first! This week you need to drink more water and less sugary drinks (including diet sodas which are linked with overeating problems). Another great alternative is green tea which is full of anti-oxidants, there are many flavors available today (mint, raspberry, peach, chai spiced, vanilla, pomegranate, etc) so you can’t say there isn’t one that strikes your fancy!

In this week you also need to cut out at least 4 days where no junk food is touched. And by junk food I mean pastries, ice cream, candy, chips and all chocolate except dark chocolate.

Your workout plan for this week includes one day of cardio that is at a higher intensity than your usual norm. So if you’re running for 30 minutes switch this up and include 5 sessions of 1 minute sprints and then 25 minutes of your normal running speed.

Week 2: Valentine’s Day Workout & Diet Plan

Drinking more water and green tea? Good, in this week we add one more day of no junk food at all, so 5 days of staying away from your biggest enemies. Ready for the addition though? Try adding in 1 healthy fruit whey protein shake (view my article on whey protein concentrate vs isolate to see what is right for you) a day as a healthy snack.

Now you will add one day of circuit training with your weights. This means doing your exercises back to back with minimal rest between exercises (aim for less than 30 seconds rest). For ideas on workouts check out the workouts and training section of this site or the highly popular articles workouts for women & workouts for men.

Let’s keep things interesting and have you try a class of something you’ve never taken! Perhaps a cardio kickboxing class, yoga, pilates, spin class, or anything else that is outside your comfort level, have fun with this!

Week 3: Valentine’s Day Workout & Diet Plan

More than half way there so you are really going to see results this week if you stick with the plan. We’re going to add one more day of absolutely no junk food – just say NO! Tip: anytime you feel a craving coming on have a whey protein smoothie or half a banana.

For your cardio sessions we are now going to do 2 days this week of high intensity interval training. You can aim to try and get to this killer Treadmill Workout Ultimate Routine which incorporates high intensity interval training.

We’re also going to add one more day with weights and you get bonus points if you do it circuit training style with less than 30 seconds rest between exercises. You should be aiming for 7-9 exercises in total followed by a 10 minute flexibility training session.

Week 4: Valentine’s Day Workout & Diet Plan

Here we go this is judgment week! No junk food this week period! We’re going to stick to very lean meats (especially fish), lots of veggies, fruit, beans and whole grains for a total of 5 meals and 1 or 2 whey protein smoothies a day (remember to check out the healthy recipes section of this site). Resist temptation and at the end of this week you’re going to see the victory!

Training is going to include 3 days of training with weights, 2 days of high intensity interval training and at least one session of hot yoga so you can sweat out all the toxins and warm up your muscles to relax in ways they never have before.


It doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s day countdown to implement this 4 week workout and diet plan, you want to get results to a healthier and sexier you and really benefit from the rewards through all aspects of your life. Try this one out and see for yourself, I bet you will be quite happy with the results!

Have any questions or feedback about this plan? Leave a comment below…