Best New Exercises for Women

Fit Ladies Getting Toned & Lean

Women’s health and fitness goals often differ from those of men. With most of my female clients, workout goals tend to focus on burning fat, toning up, and developing a strong but lean body. So today I’ve lined up 10 of my best new exercises designed with these goals in mind.

Let’s face it, most guys are focused on bulking up and building muscle mass when they hit the gym. And although women are often equally concerned with strength, they don’t necessarily want to get any bigger (with some exceptions, of course).

The truth is, it is more difficult for women to gain lean muscle compared to men. Higher testosterone levels predispose men to greater and faster muscle growth, so it has more to do with genetics than with what you’re doing at the gym.

That said, there are still many exercises that work better for the physiology of a woman’s body, and that are in line with the common fitness goals of women.

10 Best New Exercises for Women

All of these exercises, when added to a solid workout and fitness program, will enhance your lean muscle mass while getting you that more toned and lean look. Remember, it’s not as easy for women to bulk up, so don’t be scared of a little resistance training!

Add to your workout program, or perform 2-3 sets of each exercise in sequence for a fantastic total body toning workout.

Bosu Ball Knee Tucks (view exercise)

This one offers a fantastic lower body and core workout all in one, with a little balance work thrown in. Remember, bring your knees as high as you can, and really get into a rhythm for the best results.

One Legged Side Plank (view exercise)

A simple twist on the traditional side plank, this one really gets your core working. And increasing the balance work by lifting one leg to the ceiling will offer an even bigger challenge to your core and hip muscles.

Stability Ball Rollout (view exercise)

Great for your abs and core, the stability ball rollout is really a total body exercise in just one simple movement. Make sure your ab muscles are tight throughout.

Stability Ball Plank (view exercise)

While you have the stability ball, use it for a traditional plank. Not only will the ball challenge your abs in a new way, it will get those core muscle working on overtime to keep you steady.

Hip Extension on Mat (view exercise)

This is a pretty simple looking exercise, but by engaging the right muscles and holding the squeeze in your buttocks long enough, you’ll get a great little workout for your hips and glutes.

Deadlift with Barbell (view exercise)

This isn’t a new exercise, but it’s one of those seemingly “heavy-lifting” exercises that my female clients often try to avoid. This simple lifting and lowering action, however, offers an amazing lower body workout that also targets your lower back.

Stability Ball Tall Tucks (view exercise)

Once you’ve got some balance exercises under your belt, give this one a try. There’s a lot of balance work here, but it’s a great exercise for your abs, core, lower, and upper body.

Deltoid Raises with Pulley (view exercise)

I hear a lot of women complain about their shoulder strength. This cable exercise is an easy solution for that, and a great alternative for dumbbells. Make sure you stabilize yourself with a solid shoulder width (or wider) stance.

Back Extensions with Twist (view exercise)

If you ever find yourself with a sore back, the best way to overcome it is by strengthening your back muscles. This traditional back extension adds in a twist to also target your obliques (love handles).

Lateral Lunge (view exercise)

Lunges are great exercises for your glutes, hamstrings, and core. These lateral lunges take things up a notch, and are an easy solution for getting out of the same old routine. Hold a couple dumbbells to boost your resistance.

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