8 Steps to Boost Your Metabolism & Torch Fat

Boosting Your Metabolism

Burning fat is all about your metabolism, and you may be selling yourself short when it comes to boosting your potential. Boosting metabolism can generally be done one of two ways. You can move your body and condition your muscles to enhance your fat-burning potential in the short-term and long-term, or you can eat foods that speed things up during digestion.

Within each of these approaches are a ton of tips and strategies for losing weight and burning fat and we’re going to take a look at 8 simple strategies for boosting your metabolism and torching body fat.

Add any one of these to your daily healthy eating and workout routine and you’re going to be well on your way to seeing your metabolism in hyperdrive and torching fat.

Torch Fat with These Metabolism-Boosting Tricks

1. Eat Breakfast

Although all meals are important for different reasons, the earlier you boost your metabolism the more fat you’ll burn all day. So definitely get in a healthy breakfast and increase your overall results.

One easy solution to a fat-burning breakfast is my Ultimate Superfood Smoothie. Whey protein powders like Optimum 100% Casein Protein can help you burn more calories and keep you feeling full all day long.

2. Get Up and Get Moving

A little intense exercise in the morning can also set you off on the right foot. Incorporating even 15 minutes of exercise into your morning routine can go a long way for weight loss. Try a morning run, some jump rope, or even some push-ups and sit-ups.

3. Deal with Stress

Stress can seriously interfere with your fat-burning efforts. Not only can it contribute to weight loss, it also makes you feel unmotivated to hit the gym and stay on track with your healthy eating.

4. Eat Regularly

Keeping food in your system will keep your metabolism revved up and prevent your fat-burning engine from slowing down. Just make sure you snack healthy.

Try these Cajun Lemon Pepper Almonds for a great metabolism-boosting, fat-burning snack idea.

5. Lift Weights

Weight training and resistance training have one of the most lasting effects on your metabolism, improving your ability to burn fat over longer periods of time, and even when you’re at rest. Try to fit in at least three 20-minute weight-training workouts into your week.

6. Add a Little Spice

Adding spices and seasoning to your meals can do more than just improve flavor. Spices can give your metabolism a serious kick and help you burn a few more calories during digestion, in addition to helping you feel full and satisfied. Cinnamon and chili powder are some great examples.

7. Try Some Yoga

The poses and stretches in yoga boost your metabolism in an entirely different way, and condition a lot of muscles not targeted by your standard workout. You could start your day with yoga, incorporate yoga into an afternoon workout, or use it to unwind and burn some calories before bed.

For a great way to get started, try this Gaiam Yoga for Beginners Kit.

8. Snack Before Bed

That’s right, a healthy snack before bed can actually be a good thing. There’s new research out showing that a low-calorie healthy snack can actually keep your metabolism boosted while you sleep, the only trick to it is that it should be at least an hour before your bedtime and should be something like cottage cheese and apple, or celery and peanut butter or any one of these healthy late night snacks.

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