At Home Ab Toning Workout

Quick and Easy Ab Workout

Check out this quick and dirty ab circuit to tone those abs without having to have any equipment and using just your body weight.

Run through the following exercises, without resting in between.

Make sure you move quickly and engage your abdominal and core muscles throughout.

At Home Ab Toning Workout

Ab crunch on mat (view exercise)

Tighten your abs on crunching and lift your chest using your abs. Don’t move your chin and pause for 2 seconds at top.

Plank, 30 seconds (view exercise)

Balance yourself on your toes and forearms, engage your abs and core, and hold here for 30 seconds. Make sure your legs, back, and neck are aligned.

Bicycle Crunches, 30 seconds (view exercise)

Lie on your back, and alternate between opposite elbow and knee as your bring them together, using your core muscles to lift in each move.

Superman, 30 seconds (view exercise)

Lie on your belly now, and raise your arms and legs as much as possible as your core muscles stay rested against your workout mat. Hold here for 30 seconds.

Side Plank, 30 seconds per side (view exercise)

Now turn to the side and balance on the side of one foot and with one palm against the floor, Again create a straight line with your body, lifting your hips towards the ceiling. Hold here for 30 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.

Now repeat this full circuit 3 times resting for only one minute between circuits.

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