best muscle building supplements

Best Muscle Building Supplements

As many are beginning to understand the exponential benefits of muscle building, this article is designed to help you make informed decisions on the supplements currently available to help you achieve best results.

This should be prefaced by noting that it is in your best interest to first start off with cutting out the junk food & using your diet to increase your metabolism. Great place to start is the free Body Transformation in 5 Days Course (sign up by filling the form to the right) which I have put together for you so you can get a great daily routine going.

So what are the benefits of building muscle anyway? Many of you think it’s just the strength and aesthetic part, but is that it?

Definitely not!

Focusing on muscle building is a great way to lose weight. Muscle uses more fuel than fat when you are at your resting state so the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn during any given day. This means that you can focus your workouts a little more on muscle building and in the long run not have to do as much cardio to burn the same amount of calories. Pretty cool hey?

Another great reason to concentrate on muscle building is that muscle tissue helps support and even strengthen our skeletal system by supporting joints and bones that we use in movement. So stronger muscles means that our bones will also be stronger in the long run. The stronger our bones are the less problems we have especially later on in life when osteoporosis and arthritis becomes not only more common but many times completely debilitating.

Do you feel this maybe gets you to think a little more differently about muscle building? I hope so and I hope you realize that I’m saying go become a monster muscle freak, but just re-evaluate your training goals with muscle building in mind.

Now one of the common questions I get are about which supplements are best for muscle building. Having trained for almost 18 years and being a health coach who is always researching nutritional supplements I thought I’d put together this quick list.

1. Whey Protein. Without a doubt whey protein is my most recommended nutritional supplement no matter what your training objectives are. Whey protein provides high quality essential amino acids to nourish, repair and grow muscle and it’s safety and effectiveness is agreed upon by the entire medical field. Some surgeons are even recommending it as a post-surgery nutritional supplement. Want to know more about whey protein and the different types available? Read my article on whey protein isolate vs whey protein concentrate.

Top selling whey protein powder – Optimum 100% Whey Protein ( Protein Powder of the Year -5 years in a row)

2. Creatine. Creatine has and will always be one of the most beneficial supplements for muscle growth. It’s purpose is very simple – to help bind a phosphate molecule to ADP to create ATP (also known as energy). In other words, this means that you will have a little extra energy to get in a few more repetitions of your heaviest weight. This in turn means you will see quicker and better results with muscle growth as long as you continue to add lots of variation to your workouts. If you would like to know more about Creatine, read my article Benefits of Creatine Supplementation.

You can get creatine in two forms…either pure in powder/capsules or as a blended powder with other supplements.

I have to say I’m most impressed with the blended form particularly with Gaspari Nutrition’s SuperPump 250. More info – Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump250

For one of the most respected pure creatine supplements check out – Fusion Bodybuilding’s Purple-K

3. Glutamine. Glutamine aka L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid whose sole purpose is to repair muscle and aid our immune system. Supplementing with glutamine is particularly beneficial when we are stressed out as this is when our levels of use are at its highest. If you would like to know more about Glutamine, read my article Glutamine Supplementation.

Glutamine is mostly commonly found in powder format and can also be found in the above mentioned SuperPump250 or in pure format such as MHP Glutamine-SR

Conclusion Best Muscle Building Supplements:

These are the the best muscle building supplements which are effective and safe to use: Whey Protein Powder, Creatine and Glutamine. Long term double blind studies have verified these results and I would recommend them to men and women who are training regularly and want to get the best results.

Have any comments or questions about these muscle building supplements? Please leave a comment below…