7 workout habits you should drop now

7 Workout Habits You Should Drop Now

No matter where you’re at with your fitness goals, I want you to do a little housecleaning. Some of your workout habits might be pulling you down, and now’s the time to drop them once and for all.

Over the years, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to dispel many common fitness myths with my clients. The problem is that there’s a ton of health and fitness information floating around, and it’s not all correct. On top of that, people get into habits just because they’re comfortable. But these habits need to be dropped at the earliest opportunity, and I’m here to help you get there a little faster.

I’m reviewing 7 of the biggest workout habits you should drop today. If you want to boost your efforts at the gym, you need to avoid these mistakes.

7 Common Workout Habits to Drop Today

1. Working Out at a Moderate Pace – This is probably the most common workout habit I see, but it really isn’t conducive to more noticeable fitness results. What’s worse, many people work out at a moderate pace for long periods of time, convincing themselves that they’ve put in a lot of hard work when they haven’t.

In the end, you’re just barely brushing the surface of your fitness potential. What you need to do is really challenge yourself. No matter your goal, really pushing yourself and getting intense is the only way to see serious results.

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2. Too Much Socializing – While a solid support system that includes a workout buddy can really help to keep you motivated, it’s important not to do too much socializing at the gym. It just takes up time, and it allows your body to relax more than it’s being challenged.

3. Sticking to the Elliptical – The elliptical is okay for beginners, but it’s not the most effective piece of cardio equipment at the gym. It uses very unnatural body movements, and over time, it can actually cause injury to your shoulders and joints. It also keeps you doing the exact same motion over and over with little variation. Next time you’re looking for some cardio, try something new!

4. Focusing on Cardio and Ignoring Weights – Cardiovascular exercise is definitely important for maintaining a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, but it’s not the only thing you should be doing. In fact, resistance training and lifting weights is going to have a bigger impact on your fat burning results over time. It will also tone your body, improve your strength, and increase your stamina.

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5. Hydrating with Sports Drinks – It’s really time to drop the sports drinks and go for something a little more natural, like water. Sports drinks are loaded with sugars that only throw off your blood sugar levels and potentially contribute to weight gain. Water is good enough in most cases, but if you’re looking for a good natural source of electrolytes, try coconut water.

6. Doing the Same Workout Again and Again – Too much repetition is your enemy when it comes to working out, especially over the long term. Your body gets used to the same old routine and eventually, a little change is necessary to heat things up. I recommend trying at least one new exercise a week, with the goal of changing up your entire routine about once every month or two.

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7. Ignoring Your Diet – No matter how hard you’re working at the gym, your diet always matters, and unhealthy food habits can put a total damper on your workout efforts. So make sure you’re eating healthy and getting the nutrition your body needs to keep you active and energized. Go for a good balance of protein, fiber, fruits and veggies, and healthy fats, and remove the junk immediately!

Which one of theses 7 Workout Habits are you going to drop now? Please leave your feedback below…