Train Like a Pro: 10 Big Fitness Myths to Avoid

Improve Your Fitness Results

There are a lot of myths floating around about how to get fit and stay in shape – more than I can address in a single article, but in an effort of good faith we have to start somewhere!

With that said there are definitely some myths that have caught on more than others, and when taken seriously, they can really screw up your fitness efforts.

Let’s go over 10 of the biggest fitness myths that are in desperate need of debunking. If you can get these concepts straight, you’ll be strides ahead of the game and steps closer to reaching your fitness goals…

10 of the Biggest Fitness Myths

Myth #1. You Can Target Your Fat-Burning Efforts – This myth has been around for quite some time, and I still see a lot of confusion among my clients. The research is clear – no matter what you do, you can’t burn fat from specific parts of your body. For the best results, you need to boost your metabolism overall.

Myth #2. No Gain without a Little Pain – While some discomfort following a hard workout is normal, actual pain is a symptom of a more serious underlying condition. If you’re feeling pain during any exercise, stop what you’re doing and get it checked out.

Myth #3. Working Out Makes You Hungry – Working out definitely boosts your metabolism for the day, but new research shows that high-intensity exercise actually diminishes cravings throughout the day.

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Myth #4. It’s Important to Stretch before a Workout – Although stretching is important to your fitness success, new research has shown that stretching before a strength training workout actually exhausts your muscles prematurely and makes them less steady. Stretch after, and just warm up before.

Myth #5. Lifting Heavy Bulks You Up – This is somewhat true for men, but it’s very difficult for women to bulk up, despite how much weight they lift. Women just don’t have the same testosterone needed to pack on the size, and even men need to consume a ton of extra calories in order to get huge. So it’s not as simple as you think.

Myth #6. All Your Muscles Need is Protein – This is a pretty common myth, but your muscles need a lot more than protein to grow in size and strength. Without adequate vitamin and mineral support, your muscles (and your entire body) will become exhausted, and you won’t be maximizing your fitness goals.

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Myth #7. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Run – Although it may seem as effective, running on a treadmill is not as good as running outside. This is because outdoor running involves uneven and inconsistent terrain, challenging your muscles in variety of ways that you just don’t get indoors.

Myth #8. Crunches Are the Best Abdominal Exercise – The truth is, there’s nothing special about crunches. In fact, crunches alone are going to have little impact on your abs over time. Your body eventually gets bored of the same exercises, so you need to change it up regularly and try new strategies.

Myth #9. You Shouldn’t Work Out Every Day – Rest is definitely an important factor in seeing fitness results, but that doesn’t mean you need completely fitness-free days. You really only need to ensure that you rest the muscles you actually work out. Too much rest, and you’re not going to see the fat-burning results you want, so aim for no more than 2 workout-free days and get some light cardio on your days off.

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Myth #10. You Shouldn’t Work Out When You’re Sick – You definitely shouldn’t work out when you’re really sick, but there’s nothing wrong with some light exercise when you’re fighting a cold or a little run down. Just listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

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