weightl loss plateaus

Weight Loss Plateaus: How To Break Through

Most people can lose weight for a little while – it’s not that difficult. But, sometimes when you are on a long weight loss journey, you run into road blocks. They seem to happen for no reason, but you will go weeks or even a month or two without dropping a pound.

This is termed the dreaded weight loss plateaus, and they happen to everybody. How do you get through them, though?

Here are the two main methods that you can use to break through a weight loss plateau.

Change Your Diet

The first thing you should change up is your diet. It doesn’t matter what you do – change your caloric intake (up or down), or change your macros (fat/protein/carb) – just do something.

This is the area that most people have trouble with. They find a diet that works, and they won’t do anything else.  While they think they are proceeding to their goals, they are just letting their body adapt to lowered caloric levels.

Always be switching up your diet – as long as you are in a deficit, you will loose weight!

Change Your Cardio

The next option you have is to change up your cardio and any other exercise you are doing. If you are doing hours of steady state cardio a week, why not try and do some high intensity interval training instead?

If you are not working out at all, why not start some cardio? Whatever you are doing, just try something different!

If you just change up your diet or cardio when you hit a plateau and keep working hard, you will blast through your weight loss plateau in no time. Remember, your body adapts to what you are doing, so it is essential to change things up every once on in a while to give it a shock!

What do you do when you hit a weight loss plaeteau? Please leave a comment below…