This is How You're Going to Rock Your Next Yoga Class

Power Your Next Yoga Class

Yoga may not feel like it’s going to be a total calorie burning workout which leaves you exhausted at the end but one thing is always a constant when it comes to rocking any workout.

Nutrition timing before any activity is key to success.  If you skip a meal or are doing Yoga early morning and think you can get away without having any food to fuel your workout then you are totally missing out on having your best session ever.

You will want to try one of the following 10 suggested bites approximately 30 minutes before your session so your body has the time to digest and give you that boost of energy you need to hold that eagle pose without shaking for even a second.

This will be simple, and you can thank us later! 🙂

The Best Foods to Power Your Next Yoga Class


Apples are one of my top choices just before a yoga workout. They won’t fill you up and leave you bloated, but they’re packed full of water to keep you hydrated. Plus they come loaded with a bunch of vitamins and natural sugars to keep you energized.


If your yoga class is early in the day, I recommend some all-natural oatmeal as a good breakfast option. Don’t overdo the serving size (half a cup to a cup will probably do), and top it with all natural ingredients like nuts, cinnamon, and berries.


They’re my top pick when it comes to nuts, and they’ll do the trick just before your next yoga class. With protein and healthy fats to boot, you’ll also stay satisfied and enhance your metabolism.


Like apples, pears are hydrating and high in fiber to keep you feeling energized throughout your yoga class. Plus they’re low in acidity, so they shouldn’t cause you any stomach trouble.


If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, or are feeling especially low in energy, raisins are a good substitute for more popular junk food options. The natural sugar will give you a bit of a boost.


This one’s a more obvious choice, but you’re basically getting a top-up of electrolytes and potassium that will totally keep you fueled into every stretch and pose. If you need something even more satisfying, spread on a tablespoon of almond butter.


This one is a less popular choice, but prunes are also high in potassium and will keep you feeling energized. A one-ounce serving of these little guys is enough to keep you going and feeling satisfied.

Dried Apricots

These things are pretty delicious, and like some of the other fruits on this list, they’re high in fiber and natural sugars that will satisfy without leaving you feeling burned out 30 minutes later. They’re also low in acidity, so they’re a smart choice.


All melon is low in acidity, but the major up-side to melon of any kind is its ability to keep you hydrated. Hydration is pretty key for getting the most out of your yoga class, so grab a few slices before you head out.

Greek Yogurt

This one offers a great protein fix, and topped with a little fruit, it can be a pretty satisfying pre-yoga meal or snack. Just make sure you go with the unsweetened kind, and add your own ingredients to the mix.

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