Yoga Can Strengthen Your Core Insanely Well!

Think yoga is just for flexibility and balance? Think again. If you’re working hard to get the flat belly and abs of your dreams, yoga needs to be a part of your workout routine.

What’s so effective about yoga is that all of that flexibility and balance training are actually working a ton of muscles that normally get ignored, especially the muscles that make up your abs and core. Any pose that requires a little balance will engage your abs in ways your typical workout just won’t do. Plus, yoga burns a significant number of calories at the same time.

Here’s what I’m recommending you do for best results…

Flat Belly Yoga Workout

6 Yoga Moves for a Flat Belly

Before you get started on the moves, I want you to get hydrated and energized. Keeping a natural, holistic theme in line with the yoga, try fueling up with this Vita Coco Coconut Water. Packed full of electrolytes, it will help sustain your energy through the workout.

Now onto the moves…

Run through this circuit once if you’re a beginner, or multiply it depending on your goals and available time. Remember, breathing is key when it comes to yoga, so make sure you slow down, calm your mind, and focus on your breath throughout. Hold each pose for a minimum of 30 seconds.

1. Upward-Facing Dog

One of the most fundamental yoga positions in any program, upward-facing dog has a serious impact on your abdominal and core muscles. Ease into this on slowly, pressing through your palms and arching you head back as far as possible without interrupting your breathing. Make it your goal to be resting only on your toes and palms for this one. This one is great for your lower abs.

2. Warrior 1

From upward-facing dog, move into downward dog, and then enter warrior 1 by bringing one foot forward and bending your knee at a 90 degree angle. Your back foot should stay flat. Placing your palms together, bring your arms overhead and backward slightly as you pull your torso toward the ceiling. You should feel the stretch in your abs and obliques. Repeat pose on opposite side.

3. Warrior 3

Flow into warrior 3 by bringing our arms straight out in front of you and lifting your back foot off of the ground, straightening your other knee. Here, you’re going to be balancing on one foot while you create a flat surface with your body parallel to the floor. This means your head, neck, back, hips, and back leg should all be aligned. Hold here and repeat on opposite leg. The balancing really challenges your core muscles.

4. Knee-Up Plank

Now, return your feet and hands to the floor and get into a plank position, resting on your toes and palms while your create a straight line with your torso and legs. Once in a stable position, bring one knee up towards your abdomen, tucking it under your torso. Hold here, then return to starting and repeat with your opposite leg.

5. One-Legged Push-Up Position

Return to traditional plank position, and now bend your elbows and lower your body into a deep push-up position, stopping a few inches above the floor. As you lower your body, lift one foot off the ground and squeeze your buttocks to lift that leg towards the ceiling. Hold the squeeze as stabilize the rest of your body. Drop to the floor for a short rest if needed, then repeat with the opposite leg.

6. Superman

For this last pose, allow your body to drop to your mat, face-down. Engage your abs and core muscles, and now lift your hands and feet off the mat a few inches. Hold here as you continue bringing your hands and feet towards the ceiling. Repeat for a second round of this one.

Flat Belly Yoga Conclusions

If you weren’t convinced before, I guarantee this short yoga workout will make you a believer – because your abs and core should be feeling pretty good after this one!

Just like any other resistance training routine, yoga also works your muscles in some pretty serious ways. Make sure you fuel up with some protein – check out the all-natural, plant-based Vega Sport Performance Protein. The protein will also boost metabolism and help you get another step closer to a flatter, more toned belly!

Have any questions or feedback about my Flat Belly Yoga Workout? Please leave a comment below…