Thanksgiving Eating Tips

Taking the Guesswork out of Thanksgiving Eating

We all know how difficult it is to eat healthy during holidays, and thanksgiving is no exception.

To help you stay healthy this thanksgiving – and enjoy your turkey dinner without adding inches to your waistline – have these tips and tricks to keep in mind.

5 Healthy Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

1. Don’t Starve Yourself All Day – Everybody’s done it, but the problem with starving yourself all day in anticipation of a big dinner is that you binge when it finally comes. You’re more likely to pile up your plate and take seconds, or even thirds, because you’ve psyched yourself up all day. Eat regularly and healthy through the day, and your dinner experience will be a little less indulgent.

2. Make a 2/3 Veggie Rule – When the food is finally served, go for veggies first, and make a rule that about 2/3 of your plate is vegetables. Then you can go for your turkey, potatoes, and any other carbs. With all the delicious thanksgiving veggie dishes out there, this should be easy. It just takes a little commitment.

3. Leave that Skin Behind – Even if you insist on having a little dark meat, make sure you take the skin off your turkey. It’s loaded with all the bad kinds of fats that are only going to contribute to weight gain. This is a simple trick for removing a lot of fat from your thanksgiving dinner.

4. Slow Down – Slowing down and taking smaller portions is another easy solution to eating a healthy thanksgiving dinner. There’s usually lots to go around at thanksgiving, and taking it easy will give your stomach the time it needs to tell your brain that it’s full. Drinking lots of water during dinner is another easy way to slow down and prevent overrating.

5. Keep the Sweets to a Minimum – This one may seem obvious, but it’s important if you want to escape thanksgiving dinner without the added pounds. Enjoy a little dessert, but don’t over indulge too much. Slowing down with dessert will also help you enjoy it more. And be careful when it comes to cranberry sauce. A little dab or two if this high sugary condiment is all you need!

But whatever you do, enjoy your thanksgiving dinner. Indulge a little, give yourself a bit of a break, and start the next day off on the right foot. If you’re looking for a good healthy eating diet plan to start the day after Thanksgiving, try my new ultra popular Sexy Flat Abs Meal Plan.  And if you want the full meal plan and workout package then nothing will be as comprehensive as the Ultimate Abs Workout Package.

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