Stephen Amell Arrow Workout

Stephen Amell is the star of the CW series Arrow, which is based on the early life of the DC Comics character The Green Arrow.  It follows in the footsteps of Smallville, and much like the star of that previous superhero hit, Stephen Amell is no stranger to the gym.

He has the total physique that we’d expect to see from any superhero: a chiseled chest, washboard abs, a tapered back, and ripped shoulders. This level of fitness doesn’t come easily, and there’s no doubt that Stephen Amell has been hitting the weights in anticipation of his new role.

While diet is a key component to this kind of fitness success, exercise and weight lifting play equally important roles.

Let’s look at 5 weight training exercises to help you look more like Stephen Amell. With a little dedication and some hard work, you’ll find yourself in superhero shape in just a few weeks! Here’s where to start…

The Stephen Amell Workout: 5 Muscle-Building Exercises

These exercises are all compound exercises, which means they work multiple muscles at the same time. They also focus on large muscles for the greatest visual impact. Balance is also key, as you want to strive for a symmetrical physique. Too much emphasis on any one muscle group will compromise your overall look.

For each exercise, aim for 4 sets of 6-10 reps. This will really help you pack on the size and strength.

1. Barbell Shoulder Press – This one’s great for defining your triceps, strengthening your traps, and building your shoulders. You should really explode through these lifts and get the most out of each press. Challenge is key, so start with this one at a high weight for the biggest impact. Make sure to start with a good warmup and aim for 4 consecutive sets of 12, 10, 8 and finally at your heaviest at 6.

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2. Deadlift – The deadlift is one of the best power exercises at your disposable. It works a crazy number of muscles at one time, including your glutes (butt muscles), lower and upper back, traps, forearms, and hamstrings. You’ll get a lot out of this one and you can use the same 4 set count as above.

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3. Dumbbell Chest Press – Dumbbells can provide you with some really intense workouts as well, and nothing has a bigger visual effect than the dumbbell chest press. In just a few weeks, with continuous increases in weight and resistance, you’ll see your chest muscles get totally ripped and defined.  After doing this exercise consistently for about 4 weeks go heavy and hard and make sure you have a spot so you can aim for 4 sets which take you to the max weight with as low as 4-6 reps of 5-6 sets.

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4. One-Armed Rows – This one focuses on building your upper back, lats, and biceps. All around it’s one of the most effective back and bicep exercises at your disposal. You’ll notice huge gains in your upper body strength in just a few weeks as these muscles together are some of your most powerful.  Make sure to keep your elbow in and a natural arch in your back.  4 sets of 10,8,6 and 6 repetitions.

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5. Chin Ups – This last exercise takes a more natural approach by using only your body weight for resistance. It’s one of my favorite exercises, and it’s another great option for strengthening your upper body, including your back and biceps. Your goal should be to get to 12-14 reps of 4 sets with this exercise.

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Alright so you now have some foundational strength training exercises to build on so how do you put it all together?

Focus on doing these exercises three times per week followed interspersed with 3 days of intense cardio per week.  This will allow your muscles to recover and at the same time get in lots of cardio to help you get shredded.

By intense cardio you can do treadmill, elliptical, kickboxing or anything else that gets your heart rate up and sweating bullets.

Give yourself about 6 weeks to build up with weights and intensity and you can also allow yourself about 60 seconds of rest between sets and exercises since you’re going to be going heavy and hard.

Getting the Most out of your Arrow Workout

To get the most out of your Stephen Amell workout and really maximize your gains, I recommend two essential supplements.

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