Best Exercise to Tone Abs Reduce Back Pain

Goal: No More Back Pain & Tighter Abs

You probably have been in the same boat as all of us when it comes to doing everything you can do keep that midsection toned, and we all know how big of a challenge that can be. But it can definitely be exasperated if you have had lower back pain to overcome as well.

Now if you consider what happens when you avoid exercises that focus on your midsection because of the pain radiating in your back you’ll really succeed from the main objective of this article.

But I come bearing good news, and that is that there is one exercise you can do to really develop your core muscles from your abs to your lower back without having to put a lot of strain on any one point. It’s the plank, and before you stop reading, I have put together a pretty good challenging plank workout that will get you to feel real results within just a few weeks.

I hadn’t done this one myself until I was thinking about how hard it is to workout when you already have back pain and trust me when I saw how effective this workout really is and all it takes is 10 minutes. The best part is that you can do it in the gym or at home.

Plank Exercise Tip: Now with the plank the key, and I mean the real key to focus on is tightening your abs and focusing all your balance on the abs.  Anytime you start to feel fatigued in your arms or legs, think of this one point and it will shift how your body handles the strain. Also think that you have a broom stick stuck to your back so your body stays in perfect alignment.

Let’s get into the workout…

The 10 Minute Abs Plank Challenge:

30 seconds Plank (view this exercise)

30 seconds Side Plank (view this exercise)

30 sec Plank one leg raised (view this exercise)

30 sec Side plank one leg raised (view this exercise)

30 sec Stability ball plank (view this exercise)

30 sec Plank on bench (view this exercise)

30 sec Side plank on bench (view this exercise)

Work your way up to repeating this entire circuit 2 more times to really strengthen all those core muscles and you’ll notice that over a few weeks you will have reduced lower back pain.


The single most effective exercise to really tighten your abs and build core muscles to support your lower back pain is unequivocally the plank exercise. Remember, you can do this in front of the TV on any day you are short on time and if you practice this a few times a week you will really see some great results within 2-3 weeks.

Best Exercise to Tone Abs Reduce Back Pain