kate beckinsale workout

Kate Beckinsale Workout

If you saw Kate Beckinsale in the latest Total Recall movie, then you know just how good of shape she’s really in. But fitness isn’t anything knew for this seasoned actress. Her role in the Underworld movie franchise has kept her in pretty amazing shape for the last decade.

So how does Kate do it? In today’s article, I’m going to cover the best fitness and workout tips based on Kate Beckinsale’s strategy and approach. I’m also going to offer a one-week workout routine to get you in killer shape like Kate!

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Kate Beckinsale’s Approach to Fitness

It’s been reported that Kate takes a pretty diverse and varied approach to fitness. She likes to change things up on a regular basis, and constantly try new things.

Not only does this strategy help prevent boredom, it also keeps your body and your muscles engaged, which means you’ll keep seeing results over time. The more you shock your muscles and your metabolism, the less likely you are to hit a plateau, whether it’s weight loss you’re aiming for or lean muscle growth.

In order to keep as much variety in her workouts as possible, Kate does a lot of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT incorporates a series of exercises that typically involve both resistance training and cardiovascular exercise. Interval training can generally be used for any cardio exercise as well. All you need to do is switch back and forth between high and low intensity every 2-5 minutes. Trust me, it’s a great way to challenge your body!

Kate also includes a lot of yoga, cardio, and weight training in her fitness program. These strategies help keep her toned and flexible, which she needs in all of her big action roles. But regardless of what you do in your daily routine, these are strategies that lead to major improvements in fitness.

Kate Beckinsale Workout Routine

So here it is – an awesome, hard-hitting, 5-day workout routine to get you in Kate Beckinsale shape in just a few weeks.

This 5-day program incorporates a number of strategies, including interval training, weight training, yoga, and cardio. If you want variety, this is the routine for you!

Day 1 – Interval Training & Yoga

Day 2 – Upper Body Weight Training

Day 3 – Cardio Interval Training & Core

  • 5 minute Warm Up on Treadmill
  • 2 minutes Light Jog on Treadmill
  • 5 minutes High Intensity on Treadmill
  • 3 minutes Fast Walking on Treadmill
  • 2 minutes High Intensity on Treadmill
  • 3 minutes Light Jog on Treadmill
  • 2 minutes High Intensity on Treadmill
  • 3 minutes Cool Down on Treadmill

Day 4 – Lower Body Weight Training

Day 5 – Interval Training & Yoga

I recommend running through this routine for 4-6 weeks before making any major changes.

Follow up each workout with one of my favorite, all-natural, plant-based protein supplements, Vega Sport Performance Protein. This will help refuel your muscles and totally improve your fat burning and toning results!

As for a diet, I’m going to recommend my Paleo Diet for Athletes (read it here). This will help support all of your health and fitness needs, and keep you trim, toned, and lean like Kate Beckinsale!

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