pre workout routine

Do You Have An Effective Pre Workout Routine?

One of the commonly problematic ignored areas of people’s workout plans is their preworkout routine.

More often than not, when you step foot in the gym, you head right for the weights and start banging it out. But, if you implement a little bit of preparation before you start your workout, you can achieve much better results in the same period of time.

Mental focus is a very large part of working out. However, most people are thinking about relationships, social life, work, etc. when working out.

This is very detrimental to your goals because it cuts on your body’s ability to focus on which muscles to activate. You need to have 100% focus on what you are doing to achieve maximum results. When you are squatting, you need to focus on your glutes, quads and core – not what that girl/guy on the treadmill is wearing…

The best way to get mentally focused is to start a short routing before you head out onto the gym floor. Maybe you listen to a sequence of three of the same songs on your iPod. Maybe you do some positive thinking and some other mental exercises. Just think of something that can help you forget about everything on your mind except the workout you are about to do!

Next time you head to the gym to workout, take special notice of the pre workout routine you currently follow.

If you are like most people, you probably head to the gym and go straight into lifting weights. But, if you are not warmed up and in the right mental frame of mind, you will not get the maximum benefits from your workout and you will have trouble completing them with 100% intensity.

Remember, working out is also a mental game, so your mind has to be focused too!

What is your pre-workout routine to get you mentally focused before you train?