paleo diet for athletes

Paleo Diet for Athletes

The paleo diet, or “paleolithic” diet, is growing in popularity. But what’s it all about? And does it work well for athletes?

The paleo diet is meant to mimic the diet of our ancestors, specifically during our hunting and gathering days. What this translates into, not surprisingly, is a diet that is free of processed foods and grains like wheat and corn.

Foods like nuts, eggs, wild fish, leafy greens, game meats, and sweet potatoes are all common paleo diet options. This is a low-carb diet, but you’re still getting adequate amounts of carbohydrates in things like nuts and vegetables. Not surprisingly, many people have achieved weight loss success on the paleo diet.

I’m a big supporter of the whole foods aspect of this diet, and I think it can go a long way to helping you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

With the absence of processed junk foods, and the addition of healthy fats and proteins, the paleo diet is also a great option for athletes and serious bodybuilders. This article reviews the paleo diet and its application in more serious fitness arenas.

The Paleo Diet for Athletes

If you’re an athlete or serious bodybuilder, the paleo diet is very appropriate for meeting your fitness goals. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • The paleo diet is packed full of energy. This one is key for athletes. Given the focus on whole foods and vitamin-rich carbs like sweet potatoes and nuts, the paleo diet effectively provides your body with the energy it needs to perform.
  • The paleo diet is nutritionally rich. Since this diet is focused on natural, whole foods options (including tons of vegetables and leafy greens), you’ll get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need to keep your body and mind in top condition. The diet is also high in healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids, which are important in maintaining a healthy body and mind.
  • The paleo diet supports lean muscle mass. This is another important one for athletes. The paleo diet is high in healthy, lean proteins, making it ideal for those wanting to build, tone, and maintain lean muscle mass. In fact, whether it’s a meal or a snack, every part of this diet is high in protein. Adding a natural protein supplement like Gardenia All Natural Vegan Protein is a great way to ensure adequate protein if you require more than the average person.

Here’s how to get the most out of the paleo diet…

To get the most out of the paleo diet, you just need to follow a few basic rules. First, like any diet, you should be replacing bad fats with healthy fats. This means getting rid of fried foods and trans fats and replacing them with fats like those found in fish, avocados, and nuts.

You should also be eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and root vegetables like sweet potatoes. These will be your primary source of carbohydrates. Finally, protein from eggs, wild fish, and game meats will help support muscle mass.

As you can see, the paleo diet is free of traditional grains like wheat and corn. This is why this diet is so effective for toning, cutting, and losing weight. If you’re an athlete and trying to maintain a certain body fat percentage, this diet is ideal for that. On the other hand, if you’re a professional bodybuilder in your cutting phase, the paleo diet is also an effective option – it will get you lean and toned in no time! So whether it’s performance, fitness, or both, the paleo diet is a great choice!

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