low carb high fiber foods

Low Carb High Fiber Foods

One of the main problems most people who follow a low carb diet have is the issue of fiber intake. If you have done keto or any other low carb diet for a week or more, you know how difficult it can be to stay “regular”. It seems as if you have to eat a pound of broccoli or spinach per day.

But, if you get a little creative with your ingredients and read nutritional labels, you will find that some relatively low carb foods have lots of fiber. Here are three lhigh fiber low carb foods that are easy to consume…

Low Carb High Fiber Food 1: Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder – 1TBSP: 12 Cals – 0g Fat/3g Carbs (2g Fiber)/1g Protein

Not many people know this, but cocoa powder is an excellent source of fiber. You can use it in almost anything, but most people mix it in their shakes. If you use chocolate or vanilla flavored whey, it tastes just like a milkshake. Make sure you mix it well, as if you don’t it will clump.

Low Carb High Fiber Food 2: Ground Flax Meal

Ground Flax Meal – 2TBSP: 80 Cals – 6g Fat/4g Carbs (4g Fiber)/3g Protein

Ground flax meal is another great source of fiber. It also supplies some healthy fat and a little bit of protein. You can use it when you bake, or just mix it in your protein shake.

Low Carb High Fiber Food 3: Pysillum Husk – Pure Fiber

This is one of the best sources of fiber, but it also tastes the worst. It is best used in shakes, but if you let it sit to long in liquid, it will coagulate. This is best used as a last resort.

You can use one, or a combination of the above ingredients to get your daily fiber requirements without accumulating a lot of carbs. You no longer have to eat tons of broccoli or spinach just to get a little fiber!

Just remember to aim for about 20 grams of fiber a day, not only will it keep you regular but it will digest food and get rid of unwanted fat.

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