easy weight loss tips

Easy Weight Loss Tips

I thought it was time to offer some very easy weight loss tips for those of you who are tired of stressing out about the small details and just want some carefree ideas to implement today!

What you’ll find with these tips is that most of them are simply about breaking you out of the bad habits that you have somehow managed to collect over the years but I’m pretty sure you’re going to find these guidelines very easy to achieve.

Are you ready to reprogram and lose some excess belly fat? Here we go…

Easy Weight Loss Tips #1 – Snacks

Some of your past trainers or “nutrition” specialists may have made you freak out about snacks, but with the right strategy they can actually give you some extremely desirable results.

Try this tip on for size (or should I say reduced size!)… try having a fruit like an apple about 20 minutes before your meal. This is especially powerful for those of you who overeat during your meals. What researchers have discovered in a case study is pretty awesome…

The case study found out that people who had an apple about 20 minutes before their meal actually ate as much as 200 calories less when it came time for their meals. There are a few interesting things happening. The apple has fiber which has an incredible ability to make you feel full, and apples take a lot of chewing power which tricks your brain into thinking you ate more than you actually did.

Don’t know how it could get easier than this tip, and you’ve also made sure to get some vitamin C in your diet to help you fight colds and even wrinkles.

Easy Weight Loss Tips #2 – Extra Veggies

If you’re having problems with your weight chances are you are not getting enough vegetables in your diet. Forget the numbers and focus on adding at least one large handful of vegetables to your meals.

It’s pretty easy to do this with broccoli, spinach or peppers all which are very low on the calorie scale and very high on the vitamin/mineral and water scale.

Because of the space it takes up in your stomach this will help you feel feel much quicker than you ever imagined and allow you to still eat some of your favorite foods but just less portion size-wise. Speaking of portion sizes…

Easy Weight Loss Tips #3 – The Right Portion Sizes

Knowing the right amount of portion sizes can be quite difficult if you are just “eying” it. Here’s an easy tip – just use your hand.

One portion of brown rice or whole wheat pasta will be as big as one of your tight fists. One portion of meat is about as big as the palm of your hand and your four fingers. One portion of nuts will fit in the cup of your hand. Lastly one portion of starch vegetables like yams is again as big as one of your tight fists.

Let’s continue on with this tip…

Easy Weight Loss Tips #4 – Focus on Enjoying What You Eat

Do you find that you are eating in front of the tv or talking with friends and not paying attention to your food? This is something that I find is being missed by most of us out there especially because we are always in so much of a hurry.

Really take the time to chew your food slowly and enjoy the flavours and the nutrition that is being supplied to your body. This awareness will very easily revolutionize your entire eating regimen and bring your to appreciate what is a big miss by almost all North Americans today.

Easy Weight Loss Supplements

This article wouldn’t be complete without some easy weight loss supplements. If you haven’t tried these yet, now might be just the right time for you…

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Easy Weight Loss Tips: Conclusion

There you have it, these tips are ready for you to be implemented right away so you can see that extra weight around your midsection begin to get smaller week by week. All it takes is a little reprogramming and you soon enough it will be good habits that help you make right decisions when it comes to your nutrition and weight loss efforts.

Have any questions or feedback about these easy weight loss tips? Please leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to have a reply for you..