Killer Tabata Workout Routine

Killer Tabata Workout Routine

Have you heard of Tabata interval training?

Tabata offers a unique approach to working out and exercising in intervals. Traditional High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) pretty much leaves the details up to you, requiring only that you alternate between intervals of high and low intensity continuously with little rest. The idea is to challenge your variable cardiovascular capacity and get you burning a ton of calories and fat.

At its core, Tabata is a type of interval training that’s founded on one particular pattern of intervals. For a more in-depth look at Tabata, read Tabata Interval Training here.

Here’s the approach that Tabata takes. One cycle of Tabata involves the following:

  • 20 seconds of high intensity exercise (as hard as you can go)
  • 10 seconds of low intensity (for cardio) or rest (for resistance training)
  • 20 seconds of high intensity exercise (as hard as you can go)
  • 10 seconds of low intensity (for cardio) or rest (for resistance training)
  • Repeat this pattern 3 more times, for a total of 8 alternations between high and low intensity or 4 minutes in total.

In just 4 minutes, you’ll find yourself working up a major sweat! Today, I’m offering up a diverse Tabata workout routine that incorporates both cardio and resistance (weight) training.

Here’s what you’re going to do…

Kill It with this Tabata Workout Routine!

This Tabata workout is about 30 minutes in length and incorporates 6 complete Tabata cycles of 4 minutes each, for a total body workout routine. Run through the following circuit, resting for 2 minutes between Tabata cycles.

Remember – for cardio, you 10 second rest periods should just bring you down to low intensity. But for resistance training, you want to take a 10 second rest.

Warm-Up – spend about 2 minutes warming up on a cardio machine, doing jumping jacks, or jumping rope.

Apply the above Tabata cycle to each of these exercises:

Tabata Cycle #1 – Elliptical Machine

  • The elliptical is perfectly suited for alternating between high and low intensity. Spend 4 minutes in total here, then move on.

Tabata Cycle #2 – Bench Step-Ups (view exercise)

  • Grab a weight bench and a couple dumbbells, and get stepping! For this one, you can either rest completely for your 10 second intervals or engage in some slow stepping.

Tabata Cycle #3 – Woodchopper (view exercise)

  • Move through this one quickly during your high intensity intervals, but make sure you’re not compromising on your form. Take the 10 second low intensity periods to rest for this 4-minute cycle.

Tabata Cycle #4 – One-Legged Ab Crunch on Bosu Ball (view exercise)

  • You’ve got to move quickly during your high intensity intervals for this one. You should be really exhausting your abs and core muscles here!

Tabata Cycle #5 – Dumbbell Squats (view exercise)

  • Move through your squats quickly but with control, holding the dumbbell at chest height. Challenge yourself even more by resting in the lowest position!

Tabata Cycle #6 – Stationary Bike

  • Finish up with your last Tabata cycle on the stationary bike. Get up to a decent speed for your 20 second high intensity periods, and bring it down to a light cycle for low intensity.

By the end of this workout, you’ll have burned a ton of calories! Tabata interval training is really a great way to change things up and challenge your body in new ways.

And don’t forget to refuel after a killer Tabata workout like this one. Hydration should be your first priority. If you haven’t tried it, check out this electrolyte-packed and vitamin-rich VPX Coco Fit Coconut Water!

Have any questions or feedback about my killer Tabata workout routine? Please leave a comment below…