Henry Cavill Workout: Superman

Actor Henry Cavill took over the lead role as Superman in the franchise’s big screen rendition “Man of Steel”.

His training routine was an intense one! And like any other superhero role (such as Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth), this workout routine requires packing on both strength and size. So what did Henry Cavill do to prepare his body for this role?

For starters, he’s eating a lot. He told reporters that he’s consuming about 5000 calories a day, with a priority on protein. So before we introduce our own Man of Steel workout, let’s make sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet.

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Now for the Superman workout to get your muscles pumped…

Henry Cavill Workout

On top of his high-protein diet, Henry Cavill is hitting the gym hard and lifting heavy. Warm up with some cardio, and then hit the weights. Aim for 4 sets of 8-10 reps, or until you max out (except abs and core – work these areas till exhaustion).

Supersets – For all the workouts listed here, superset every 2 exercises. This means 2 different exercises back to back, followed by a 1-2 minute rest period and you’re going to go heavy so aim for 6-8 reps maximum. For example, one set of 6 bench presses, one set of 6 barbell rows, rest and repeat. Exercises are combined so that opposite muscle groups are worked on the same day, allowing you to really focus your efforts.

Henry Cavill Workout Day 1: Chest & Back

Henry Cavill Workout Day 2: Legs & Core

Henry Cavill Workout Day 3: Arms & Shoulders

Rest for 24-48 hours after this cycle, and repeat, getting in at least 4 workouts a week. Supersetting your exercises will help keep your heart rate up and your metabolism in override, so you’ll burn lots of calories at the same time.

This Superman workout plan is intense and will get you in top shape but make sure you are focusing on lots of fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats and protein!

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