Henry Cavill Workout: Superman

henry cavill superman workout

Henry Cavill Workout: Superman

So I thought I’d round out this week with one more superhero workout which is going to make waves in the near future.

Actor Henry Cavill is taking over the lead role as Superman in the upcoming franchise’s big screen rendition “Man of Steel”.

He’s training as we speak. And like any other superhero role, this one requires packing on both strength and size. So what is Henry Cavill doing to prepare his body for this role?

For starters, he’s eating a lot. He told reporters that he’s consuming about 5000 calories a day, with a priority on protein. So before we introduce our own Man of Steel workout, let’s make sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet.

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Now for the Superman workout to get your muscles pumped…

Henry Cavill Workout

On top of his high-protein diet, Henry Cavill is hitting the gym hard and lifting heavy. Warm up with some cardio, and then hit the weights. Aim for 4 sets of 8-10 reps, or until you max out (except abs and core – work these areas till exhaustion).

Supersets – For all the workouts listed here, superset every 2 exercises. This means 2 different exercises back to back, followed by a 1-2 minute rest period and you’re going to go heavy so aim for 6-8 reps maximum. For example, one set of 6 bench presses, one set of 6 barbell rows, rest and repeat. Exercises are combined so that opposite muscle groups are worked on the same day, allowing you to really focus your efforts.

Henry Cavill Workout Day 1: Chest & Back

Henry Cavill Workout Day 2: Legs & Core

Henry Cavill Workout Day 3: Arms & Shoulders

Rest for 24-48 hours after this cycle, and repeat, getting in at least 4 workouts a week. Supersetting your exercises will help keep your heart rate up and your metabolism in override, so you’ll burn lots of calories at the same time.

This Superman workout plan is intense and will get you in top shape but make sure you are focusing on lots of fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats and protein!

Have any questions or feedback about the Henry Cavill Workout for Superman? Please leave a comment below…

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Sam Omidi is the founder of Weight Loss and Training and is accredited with a Bachelors in Kinesiology as well as certification in Nutritional Sciences, Personal Training and Advanced Exercise Nutrition. Follow Sam via Twitter @samomidi


  1. Sam,
    Had this page saved for a year and finally started taking action with it – Awesome! I have other friends joining me now in other states. Just what I needed to have a pointed, easy to follow routine that is INTENSE!
    I’m seeing results 2 weeks in. Question – advice on busting the belly fat? I’m sure “in time” it will burn off with diet & exercise…any supplements you can suggest? For what its worth, I’m 35 and have about 25 recently acquired extra lbs that I need to shed. 17% body fat.
    Thank you!

    • Hey Brad, that is awesome, greatly appreciated to hear the feedback. I’d definitely recommend Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix for helping with burning fat. A lot of epople also rave about 7-Keto gels. I’d love to get a testimonial for you so look out for an email from me!

  2. Higher reps are if you want to tone more and lower reps and sets are more for strength and muscle size.

  3. I’ve a question there’s tons of different claims to be his actual workout is this only a certain phase of what he did over all cause in mend fitness it had totally different workouts

    • This is only a workout from my personal experience as a trainer in the past 20 years that will provide results such as those that Henry has built. There definitely will be different phases however and of course many variables such as your diet, age and genetics play a big role.

  4. if im doin 5 days should i do the shoulders once a week?

    • You bet that is definitely good enough as shoulders are pretty small muscles that need time to recover.

  5. I don’t disagree with your coach on some of the elements but the key to any long term workout plan is to add variety and just because an exercise is isometric doesn’t mean it can’t be done without strain or without giving great results. So just keep it fresh and try different exercises every 6 weeks and you will win!

  6. For this workout, should I perform 3 sets of one superset and then move on? Or should I go through the whole workout 3 times doing one set per superset at a time?

    • That’s right 3 sets of one superset and then the next group.

  7. Was wondering if I could have legs & core be my day one, chest & back be my day two, and arms and shoulders be day three.

    • Hi John, you bet, the order can definitely be switched up. Let me know how it goes!

  8. hi sam, love this workout, but will it get me ripped and keep me lean without the cardio? i notice there is only a warm up using cardio. Also i have bought gaspari myofusion, how many scoops per serving do you suggest in order to build muscle like this?

    • Awesome, thanks for the great feedback. You have it right since this workout was aimed at building muscle mass so the emphasis was not on cardio, but I have added some in for the core day. Watch how your body responds and vary accordingly based on your goals.

      With respect to myofusion one scoop is optimal since your body can only absorb so much protein at a time, but you can break out servings every few hours if you want to up your protein intake.

  9. Could I do this workout every other day. For exemple Monday-Wednesday-Friday? Even if its only 3 workouts a week

    • You bet, try and add in some cardio on the off days to make sure you keep up your metabolism.

  10. Hey man, I got a question here. Since all the exercises are actually supersets, how many sets should we make for 1 exercise? You mentioned cardio first, after that we come to the weighs. Are we supposed to make 1 exercise, say Barbell bench press(6-8 reps) and immediately go for the Bent Over Barbell Row(again 6-8 reps) after that rest for 1-2 min. Or should we rest between those 2 exercises? If not, how much sets should we make of 1 superset(consisting of 2 exercises). How many times should we repeat 1 superset? Thank you.

    • 3 sets per exercise is ideal. Yes immediately go to next exercise in a superset, and do it 3 times.

  11. Thank you for this! 
    I was wondering what kind of diet (ingredients) Henry Cavill ate doing to prepare his body for this role?

  12. Do you think you could post a specific diet plan to coincide with this workout?

  13. Does superman really need to work out? What’s he gonna lift to “challenge” his muscles? a tank? a mountain? His strength comes from a yellow sun! The real superman was a skinny dude and if you didnt like that… he’d zap you with his laser eyes or blow you away   like a bug with his super breath. And another thing, STOP calling him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Santa only shows up 1 time a year. Go talk to batman. Superman needs his time out too.. he’s an introvert.

    • haha! Good one!


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