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How to Get Ripped – 5 Fat Busting Tips

I’ve been getting a lot of people mentioning how much they like reading quick and easy lists. It helps keep them on track, motivated and wanting to read more on what this site has to offer. So….I thought I’d write a quick tips list on how to get ripped!

Even though it’s winter and most of us are not hitting the gym as frequently as we would like (you know who you are…it’s always funny to see so many fewer people at my gym in the months before New Years), memorize this quick list and you won’t have to go through hell with your new year’s resolution in January.

Grab a green tea, and get pumped to read this article. Ready? Let’s go…

How to Get Ripped Tip 1: Nutrition is KEY.

No matter how much cardio, ab crunches and weight training you do, you’re not going to get ripped if you go home and scarf down a bag of cookies. You have to eat healthy in the morning, at work, when you get home and before sleep.

This means you need to go through your kitchen and throw out any temptations that will get in your way. Now before you go to the grocery store make a list of as many fruits and veggies you can think of. Make a secondary list of beans, legumes, spices, low fat & low sugar dairy products, plus lean meats. Now check out the recipes section of this web site and be creative with making dinner. Make more and take it to school/work with you for lunch.

You’ve won more than half the battle after this stage!

How to Get Ripped Tip 2: Focus on eating high quality protein.

There are a lot of diet fads out there with low fat and low carbs…but the one that is the most effective for me and my clients is focusing on eating high quality protein. In other words, protein should be the staple of your meal and everything else is secondary. Of course, use good judgment here, I’m not saying atkins diet is good, just that if your focus is on high quality lean protein (seafood including prawns, scallop, fish; skinless chicken, extra lean beef, eggs, low fat dairy products, or soy/hemp/rice proteins) then garnishing with veggies and spices will give you the greatest success.

The reasoning is this – protein contains essential amino acids which are the building blocks of our muscles and if we are exercising it is absolutely essential to provide our body with protein to nourish our muscles and keep them in pristine condition. The second part of the reasoning is that protein provides satiety, meaning we feel full longer than eating the same amount in carbohydrates so therefore we have more resistance to junk-food temptations.

How to Get Ripped Tip 3: Carbohydrates are essential too!

Let me continue on the above point in that we need carbohydrates to provide energy to our muscles, and all our organs including our heart and brain. When exercising carbs are the first thing that will be used for energy so having a banana say 30 minutes before a workout is going to give you the energy you need to really take your workout to a maximum level which in turn means better results.

Another point to consider is to keep your high glycemic carbs in the morning and right after your workout. These include oatmeal, potatoes, white rice for example, and the morning and after our workouts is when our body needs a quick shot of carbs to replenish its stores and provide us with energy when we need it.

How to Get Ripped Tip 4: Water alone is the most effective pre and post workout drink.

Ok there is one exception…if you are a marathon runner or doing cardio for longer than 60 minutes. Sports drinks like gatorade are meant for long endurance athletes period. In other words you don’t need to waste money on these drinks, water is the most effective means for nourishing every single cellular mechanism in your body. Add some flavour with a splash of lemon/lime juice or even mint and cucumbers.

How to Get Ripped Tip 5: Variation in your training.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent at adapting to any regular stress we apply to them. In other words, if you are running or weight training for 45 minutes 4 days a week for 6 months your body will start to become more efficient with the way it expends energy and you will stop seeing results. That is unless you add variation.

Continue to change your workouts every 4 to 6 weeks, even if it’s the simple variation of doing your exercise routine in a different order. Cycle weeks were you train with heavy weights and weeks where you train with lighter weights but with more reps.

Keep it fun and challenging, add different activities like indoor rock climbing, hiking, skiing, biking, swimming, etc. Include your loved one and inject your sex-life with a lot more passion!


These are just 5 tips, and I could have made this list a lot longer but you would most likely start fading to something else so keep it simple with these first…once you’ve mastered these you will not only be on your way to getting ripped but you will enjoy your new spike in energy throughout the day.

Have any other tips you’d like to add? Your comments are always appreciated!