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Healthy Meal Plan: Day 1

I get asked quite a bit about healthy meal plan ideas, so you many of you will enjoy this article, and to be honest it’s quite fun for me too because it gets me to think about healthy meal plans that actually taste good and are satisfying. It’s no fun going through life eating cardboard-like food because you think it’ll make you look good, right?

Ok so, obviously it takes me a lot of time to sit down with a client and go over their needs and goals and help them develop healthy meal plans that they can stick to, but I thought I’d write articles of example days. You can try them out and see how they work for you and then hopefully mix and match from all the future articles on this topic..and by that I mean I will be writing many more healthy meal plans!

Now the overall objective of this meal plan is to help you lose fat, build muscle and never feel so hungry during the day that you lose focus of your goals. Remember to have water throughout your day aiming for 8 full cups/day.

Healthy Meal Plan:

7:45AM – 1 glass water

8:00AM – 1 cup skim milk. A medium sized bowl of instant oatmeal with a teaspoon of honey and frozen berries of your choice.

10:30AM – 1 apple. Handful of almonds or plain peanuts.

12:30PM – 1 glass water. Turkey breast wrap with greens, tomato, red pepper, cucumber and mustard. 3 stalks celery with low fat cream cheese.

3:00PM – 1 cup whey protein smoothie or yogurt with fruit.

5:00PM – Any fruit of your choice (optional whey protein smoothie)

7:00PM – Ahi Tuna steak lightly grilled on each side and marinated with light soya sauce and sesame seeds. 1 small yam with 1 teaspoon butter.

9:00PM – 1 orange

Mmmmmm…how about that now? I don’t know about you but that made me hungry just going over this healthy meal plan. Think you can stick to this for one day to see how it makes you feel?

Hint: Prepare everything for this meal plan the day before and then go over it in the morning. This will increase your chances of success ten fold!

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