Get the Abs of Your Dreams

Abs are Made in the Kitchen

Getting the abs of your dreams may seem like nothing more than a pipe dream. But if you focus your efforts in the right way, you can totally see some amazing results.

Here’s the trick…

Changing Your Ab Focus

Getting sexy ripped abs really comes down to diet. Although you need to stay fit and exercise your abdominal muscles on a regular basis, it has more to do with diet than anything else.

This is because abdominal fat does such a good job of hiding all your hard work. In order to see you ab muscles and get the abs of your dreams, you need to let them shine through, You need to trim the fat, burn the extra calories on a regular basis, and stop eating foods that contribute to weight gain.

So it’s time to implement the right kind of diet – a diet that will support your goals and allow all your hard work to be noticed.  Below you’ll find 3 amazing tips to help you with this, but if you totally want guaranteed success with your abs check out my complete Sexy Flat Abs Meal Plan which includes a full 7 day/week meal plan that is the best of the best.

Now let’s get on with the tips…

How to Get the Abs of Your Dreams

1. Cut the Fat and Sugar – Before you do anything else, you need to cut out the fat and sugar from your diet. These things only contribute to fat around your waistline and cover up your abdominal muscles.

The bad fats in your diet (like from chips, cookies, granola bars, non-lean ground beef, chocolate bars, ice cream) can actually be replaced by good fats like those found in salmon, lean turkey, flaxseeds and nuts. These healthy fats will actually contribute to your body’s ability to burn fat and calories. This is why I recommend taking a natural source supplement like Allmax Nutrition Omega 3. It’ll boost your metabolism and get you closer to that sexy six pack.

2. Get Your Vitamins – Getting more vitamin-rich foods in your diet is one way to stay healthy and fit, even when it comes to your abs. Many vitamins play an important role in maintaining a healthy body weight and boosting your metabolism.

B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D are particularly helpful when it comes to burning abdominal fat. Vitamin D, for example, has been shown to improve weight loss results by up to 50% (when combined with diet and exercise). The best way to ensure adequate daily doses of all these vitamins is by taking a multivitamin like Optimum Opti-Women or Optimum Opti-Men which is specially formulated for those of you who eat smart but also train hard.

3. Cut Down on Your Carb Intake – Carbs are the third major dieting issue. Cutting down on carbs in your diet, particularly those found in cereal, bread, and most packaged goods, but also fruit will help you trim the abdominal fat in a major way.  Also eat carbs earlier in the day so you have more opportunity to burn them off and watch the portion sizes (a good general rule of thumb is to measure one portion as the size of your fist).

When you cut down on the carbs replace them with more vitamin-rich vegetables, fiber, and metabolism-boosting protein. One great source of protein is Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion, which will totally fill you up and help shed the abdominal weight.

Get the Abs of Your Dreams – Conclusion

These may sound like pretty simple tips, but it’s all in your approach. If you make only minor changes in these directions, you’re going to end up with only minor results. For big results – to really get the abs of your dreams – you need to make big changes and really commit to a clean, low-fat, low-carb diet.  Be patient with yourself and roll out a plan which gets progressively more intense over a few weeks time and remember you can always leave a Friday or Saturday night to reward yourself for being good the rest of the week.

This may sound like a lot of work, but once you get used to eating this way, you’ll start seeing all your hard work at the gym and that kind of result is priceless right? Eat right, and let your abs shine!

Have any questions or feedback about getting the Abs of Your Dreams? Please leave a comment below…