Dwayne Johnson Workout

I’ve talked a lot recently about celebrity workouts, and even addressed some celebrity diets.

So I thought I’d wrap things up with one of the most intense celebrity workout and diet plans – courtesy of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

This guy’s known for his massive muscles, so he must be doing something right at the gym.But he hasn’t always been so chiseled.

Long before his acting career, Dwayne Johnson was a lineman for the University of Miami. Back then, he weighed in at 280 lbs, later dropping to 260 lbs as a wrestler in the WWE. But today’s he’s a ripped 225 lbs.

What did it take? A lot of hard work and discipline, of course, and the right workout and diet. For his Hollywood career, Dwayne Johnson lost 25 lbs and 7% body fat in only 4 months!

So here’s a workout and diet plan to get you big and ripped like Dwayne Johnson. Ready for this?

The Dwayne Johnson Workout

Dwayne Johnson’s intense 4-month workout involved working out every muscle group 3 times a week! This helped him get ripped and burn excess fat at the same time. He also got more intense with his cardio. Here’s the routine:


Focus Muscle Groups: Chest, Upper Back, Lower Back, Biceps, Calves
5 sets at 15-20 reps with 30 second rest between

Cardio: 3 minute warm-up, 15 minutes high intensity, 3 minute cool down


Focus Muscle Groups: Quads, Hamstrings, Abs & Obliques, Shoulders, Triceps
5 sets at 15-20 reps with 30 second rest between

Cardio: 3 minute warm-up, 15 minutes high intensity, 3 minute cool down

The trick? Change it up!

Dwayne avoided plateaus by constantly adjusting rest periods, amount being lifted, speed of lifts, and number of sets and reps performed. My advice is to change at least one of these components for all workouts once a week.

The Dwayne Johnson Workout Diet

As for his diet, Dwayne took things pretty seriously. Remember, losing 7% body fat in only 4 months is no easy task.

His diet consisted of 6 meals a day. He always made sure to include high amounts of protein, healthy carbs, veggies, and very small amounts of fat and sugar.

But it wasn’t easy getting enough protein to sustain such an intense workout schedule. If you want to see results like Dwayne Johnson, make sure you drink a protein shake right after your workouts. Check out Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion. It tastes great and is one of my personal favorites.

I’d also recommend USPLabs Jack3d, a pre-workout booster to help you get that extra pump, and Scivation Xtend to improve muscle recovery and endurance.

So there you have it, an intense workout and diet plan to get you ripped like Dwayne Johnson. Remember, hit the gym hard, hit it often, and change things up!

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