body fat testing

Body Fat Testing?

Knowing your body fat percentage is an essential component to setting diet related goals.

But, how do you determine your body fat? Estimating is not good enough.

Here are the three most popular ways to measure your level of body fat!

Calipers: body fat calipers are the most common way people test their body fat. The skin folds on specific areas of your body are measures by a giant lobster claw looking tool. Once you get the measurements from all these predetermined areas (usually 7 points or 11 points, depending on the test), you combine them and you get a body fat reading. These are not the most accurate, and the level of hydration you have when you do it can affect the results greatly.

BodPod: a more advanced way of testing your body fat is going to a facility that has a BodPod. This is basically an egg like structure that you go and sit in and in a few minutes, it will give you your body fat information along with many other vital pieces of info about your body composition. Many universities have these, so call up a local school and see if their athletics department has one.

HydroStatic Testing: Lastly, one of the most accurate ways to test your body fat is by doing hydrostatic testing. This is the most involved of the three options presented. Basically, there is a pool of water, and you go and submerge your self in it for a while. Using hydrostatic technology, the technician is able to measure your body fat and even give you a pretty accurate estimate of your BMR. Hydrostatic testing facilities are more difficult to find, but if you do have one at a facility near you, definitely try and book an appointment.

Any of these methods will give you a relatively accurate body fat reading. What is more important than the absolute number is the amount of fat that is lost over a specific period of time!

What is your body fat percentage and what is your goal target?