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Back to the Gym After a Long Weekend

Here we are, trying to get back into the swing of the things after a long weekend!

If you’re like me you probably got a little off track too, especially if you went somewhere for vacation and just said “heck with it, I’m on vacation and want to just enjoy relaxing and eating pretty whatever I want!”

So, here’s the first step, don’t feel guilty about it, that guilt will be your worst enemy and start to peck away your confidence.

Let’s take it nice and easy and do it the right way, you’re going to love this method…

Back to the Gym After a Long Weekend: Phase 1 – Planning Your Workout

Ok, all you need is 10 minutes to do some planning and trust me on this one, it will go a LONG way in getting you back on track.

After reading this article, put pen to paper and write out what your workout schedule is going to look like this week.

What you want it something that builds up gradually and doesn’t throw you in the deep end right away.

At the same time you also want something that will build up and challenge you so that by the end of the week you are going to look back and have a sense of accomplishment.

Here’s another golden tip! Make sure to start off with a workout that is using your favorite exercises or body part(s). This will give you something to look forward to, rather than dread going back to.

Remember if you are stuck with ideas for workouts check out the workouts and training section of this site. There are hundreds of workout routines for both men and women, and also ones which are specific to body parts or total body exercises so that those of you who are short on time can follow.

But let’s add something for those of you who want to lose some of the extra weight you may have gained over the weekend.  Try one of these workouts – Total Body Workout in 30 Minutes or my ultra intense Ultimate Treadmill Workout as these will burn through some of that muffin-top fat like it was butter in a microwave.  Just remember to have a good warm-up before hand.

Back to the Gym After a Long Weekend: Phase 2 – Planning Your Eating Plan

Pretty much everything that was mentioned above can be applied to your eating plan, so start off nice and easy.

If you want a good point of reference my plans always use the Diet Meal Plan as a foundation with basically 3 meals and 2 nutrient-rich snacks like whey protein smoothies each and every day.  The protein shakes are an excellent way to help you cut the cravings for junks foods and at the same time feed your muscles the amino acids they need to recover and grow.

Equally as important to plan is to make sure you have the right ingredients and supplements pre and post workout. Here are some great references for quick reads on these topics – Pre Workout Energy Foods, Post Workout Nutrition and 3 Foods You Should Eat After a Workout.

One final thing to mention with your eating plan that will really set you up for success.  No matter what, make sure you leave enough time in the morning to have a good hearty breakfast as it will really set you off on the right foot for the reast of the day.  Need some breakfast ideas?  Try one of these articles:

Back to the Gym After a Long Weekend: Conclusion

Remember to focus on the good, and stay positive with starting with your favorite healthy meal plan and your favorite workout.  Before you know you will be right back on track and making steps towards your goals with fat loss and lean muscle development.

Have any questions or feedback?  Please leave a comment below…