abdominal body fat reduction

Abdominal Body Fat: Total Reduction

Unless you are genetically blessed then abdominal body fat is one area that we all battle regardless of gender and it only seems like it is getting harder every year to get definition in this area.

Let’s take this as a very opportune time to take this challenge on and push through with a focus to eliminate the belly fat one day at a time.

We’ll put together an assortment of strategies with our diet and training to really make the difference and if you can stick to it for at least 5 out of the 7 days of the week you will notice some pretty impressive results.

Abdominal Body Fat Reduction Step 1:

One thing I’ve found to be true over and over again for my clients is that eating late at night really sabotages all your efforts in the day.

This ties directly into the strategy of eating a very healthy and plentiful breakfast. Combining these two together will allow you to burn fat through the night and then refuel in the morning to give you the energy required to push you through the day.

If you are eating an hour before bedtime and or skipping breakfast you must break this habit in order to reduce abdominal body fat.

If you find that you get late night cravings then nip it in the bud by having a chocolate milk protein shake like Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion 2-3 hours before bedtime. It tastes amazing, has tons of amino acids for your muscles and will really curb your abdominal busting food urges.

Abdominal Body Fat Reduction Step 2:

Some foods and supplements are better than other in helping you keep your fat burning metabolism operating in full force.

I’ve made it easy for you in giving you this list in the Body Transformation in 5 Days Course so if you haven’t yet make sure to sign up and you will also get my weekly newsletter to keep you motivated and on track. I always get amazing testimonials from this free course like “I have lost over 20 pounds and dropped from a size 14 pant to a size 8. I also feel stronger and healthier.  The exercises that Sam posts are a good mix of gym or at home options…” – Kimberly S.

I’ll stress there are no shortcuts but being smart about your nutrition, training and supplement plan can definitely make things a lot easier.  If you want to get a jump start you may want to check out the Women’s Fat Loss Stack or the Men’s Fat Loss Stack as they contain the complete essentials in boosting your fat busting metabolism right away.

Abdominal Body Fat Reduction Step 3:

A really great way to change up your weight training is to run exercises back to back without resting, or also known as circuit-training.

This means that if you have 6 exercises planned and you are doing 3 sets of each, you instead run through each of your exercises without resting between each one until you are done the first set of the cycle. You can then take a 60 second break and then run through the second set of your cycle.

You will find that you really get your metabolism going and that you start sweating bullets especially if you remember to activate your core in order to help you push through each cycle. Another bonus of this is that you get your workout done in much less time, so you get way more bang for your buck and you also reduce abdominal body fat at an accelerated pace.

Take Action Now:

Make sure you get the ball rolling by joining the Body Transformation in 5 Days Course and I will guarantee that fat dropping off your abs will put a pretty big smile on your face.  I look forward to your feedback and hopefully your testimonial!