7 Reasons to Work Out in the Morning

Nothing Feels Better Than a Morning Workout

It’s been one you’ve probably debated with many of your friends, when’s better to workout, in the morning or in the evenings?

There’s a lot of conflicting articles on this topics, some which mention that evenings are better because your body is already warmed up and it also helps burn calories while you’re sleeping, but then on the flipside others have written that you’re more likely to pass on a workout in the evenings if work or life gets too hectic.

For the longest time I was working out right after work simply because I wasn’t a morning person, and then I discovered 7 reasons that made working out in the mornings worth all the hard effort I was putting into training and I really believe this may help convince you to do the same.

1. You’ll Actually Work Out

This may seem like a simple line of reasoning, but it’s really important. I’ve seen a number of people fail at their fitness goals just because they don’t plan things out well enough or work gets in the way or they’re simply just too tired by evening time. In other words, leaving your workout until later in the day only gives you more opportunities to find excuses.

If you’re not already working out in the morning, give it a try. Wake up a bit earlier, and make a morning workout part of your routine.

Once it’s done, you’re ready for your day, without the pressure of working out when you’re busy or exhausted. Trust me, nothing is more motivating than getting your workout done first thing, and the boost in self-confidence it gives you is quite a big one to ride through the day.

2. You’ll Boost Your Metabolism at the Right Time

Research shows that mornings are the best time to boost your metabolism. Not only is it a kick start to get you burning more fat from the get-go, but it also ensures you’ll burn more fat all day long. Ideally, this is the best time to do your cardio for this very reason, but if you have the time to fit it in with your entire workout, go ahead!

3. You’ll Be More Focused

The morning is also great for being low on distractions. Free of emails, texts, and phone calls, you’ll find yourself getting through your workout faster and staying more focused throughout. Chances are, you’ll see a serious spike in efficiency by working out in the morning.

4. You’ll Be in the Right Company

My personal reason for preferring morning workouts is the crowd at the gym. In most cases, people who work out early take their workouts a little more seriously. They’re not there to socialize. They have a goal, and they stick to it. And this is exactly the kind of company you want to keep at the gym.  It also doesn’t hurt to have the equipment you want to use being free!

5. You’ll Get Energized for Your Day

In terms of the energy-boosting properties of exercise, these benefits are best reaped in the mornings. If you wake up feeling sluggish and find it difficult to get energized for your day, try starting out with a solid workout. It’s seriously one of the best ways to get energized.

6. You’ll Be More Balanced

Morning workouts also have the advantage of improving mental clarity and focus all day long, and this can have a big impact on your productivity at work. You’ll also handle stress better and find yourself feeling less drained by the afternoon. Those endorphins go a long way and if you really need a boost then I highly recommend a high quality pre-workout mix like my new favorite – ENGN PreWorkout.  There is no way you won’t have motivation to train hard after a scoop of SuperPump.

7. You’ll Set a Healthy Tone for the Day

The most important thing about working out in the morning is that it starts your day off on a healthy foot. By focusing on your health and fitness first thing, you’re more likely to carry that trend into the rest of your day. You’ll find yourself making healthier choices at lunch and dinner, and feeling a whole lot healthier for it. In this way, morning workouts are a great motivation to stay healthy all day long.

Looking for a good morning workout to get you started? Check out The Perfect Morning Workout here, and start your day off right!

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