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Benefits of Exercise: Can It Keep You Young?

The question of whether or not one of the major benefits of exercise is keeping you young may not be one that really has you baffled, but I believe if we dig a little deeper you’ll think about it differently.

Anytime you explore questions like this you ultimately get to know yourself better and with this kind of understanding you take one step higher to increasing your willpower.

At the end of the day we all know it’s willpower which keeps us from slipping into the belly busting junk food temptation world and putting on excess weight which in turn hurts our confidence and feeling of well-being.

Stick with me here and I guarantee you’re going to get a few nuggets to take away with you which will benefit you in not only losing weight in your trouble spots but also give you the drive to push through your biggest obstacles…

Benefits of Exercise: The Science

A recent study at McMaster University in Ontario explored the effects of exercise on mice over 1 year (which would be equivalent to the age of 100 in human terms since the mice were genetically modified to grow older at an accelerated pace), and the DNA analysis was quite shocking even to the researchers.

The study compared a group of mice who were sedentary vs a group who were allowed to run on a wheel for 45 minutes three times a week and were given other challenges to increase their muscle mass. So what did the research show?

The sedentary mice started showing signs of DNA malfunction resulting in bone density issues as soon as 3 months (equivalent to age 20 in human years) and by the 8 month stage (equivalent to age 60) the sedentary mice had become frail with shrunken brains, enlarged hearts, smaller sex organs and graying fur. All these mice were dead by the 12 month stage.

So what happened with the mice that had exercised? Up until the 8 month stage these mice had a rich dark fur with no salt-and-pepper shadings, had retained their muscle mass and brain volume, plus their sex organs were completely normal and still agile.

By the 12 month stage only one of these mice had died from natural causes and most surprising to researchers, even though these mice had been genetically modified to age faster their DNA was able to continue to repair itself almost like they had taken a secret potion to stay young.

Benefits of Exercise: Your Take Away

Alright so studies of mice aside we can be pretty certain that exercise can benefit us in such a powerful way, but yet so many of us still make excuses or continue to have poor time management so we can’t fit in some exercise just 3 times a week.

I want you to let this seminate in your thoughts, and think about this one article next time you feel that devil next to your ear whisper that it’s ok to miss this one day and leave it to the next day. In other words, use this information as ammo to fuel your willpower not just tomorrow or next week, but for the rest of your young life.

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Of course, eat healthy and fresh foods as much as possible and arm your stay-young arsenal with a multi-vitamin like Optimum Opti-Men or Optimum Opti-Women, a natural immunity boosting antioxidant like NOW Acai or NOW Green Tea Extract and a heart-healthy Omega 3 like AllMax Nutrition Omega 3. These will all help you look young and even reverse some of the negative effects of eating unhealthy and not exercising frequent enough, but just as long as you have changed your habits for the better now.

Have any questions or feedback about these benefits of exercise and staying young? Please leave a comment below…