The Ultimate Morning Workoutt

Energize Your Entire Body and Mind

If you’re like me and mornings are not your favorite time of day but you’re ready to make a change and start your day off with a feel-good workout that will work your entire body like a pizza roller than you’re in for a serious treat.

The thing is that this workout routine is powerful enough to transform and revitalize your life if you can stay dedicated to it along with some serious clean eating.

Ready to energize your entire body and mind when you need it matters the most?

How is the Plan

You’re going to start this morning workout with a little jump rope, followed by my 1-minute circuit, and then you’re going to round things off with my strength-training circuit.

The goal here is to work up a killer sweat and prepare your muscles for everything your day has coming.

Since this morning workout is all about boosting energy, I recommend trying a new raving-reviews pre-workout supplement like ENGN PreWorkout to get you moving. If you want something a little more tame, you can also add some Green Foods Matcha Green Tea to your pre-workout meal.

Ready to get started? Here’s the workout…

Ultimate Morning Workout Routine

1. Jump Rope

You’re going to start off with 3 minutes of jump rope. This is a great way to warm up all your muscles and bring your body temperature where it needs to be. Go at a moderate pace – you don’t want to blow all your energy here. If you don’t have a good jump rope I highly recommend the best one I’ve ever owned, it makes jumping rope way easier and efficient – Harbinger Jump Rope.

2. 1-Minute Drill

Next, I want you to quickly perform 15 seconds of each of the following exercises, without rest. These are all bodyweight exercises, so you should be able to move smoothly from one to the other.

Jumping Jacks
Do the traditional jumping jack here, making sure you start with your feet about hip-width.

Marching in Place
Bring your knees as high as you can as you march or step in place. You can hold your palms out to mark your height if you’d like.

Mountain Climbers
Start in a push-up position face down on a workout mat. Keep your head and body aligned as your bring your right knee to your chest. Hold for one count, then return to starting and alternate with opposite leg.

Ab Crunch
Lying on your back, perform a series of standard crunches, making sure you’re engaging your abs and not using your back.

3. Strength-Training Circuit

This last phase of my ultimate morning workout is where you do all the heavy pushing and lifting. Knock out as many reps as you can in 20 seconds for each exercise, then move on to the next. If you have the time, aim for 2 to 3 circuits, taking 1 minute of rest in between.

Push-Ups on Bench
Rest your palms against a workout bench as you engage the upper part of your chest with these modified push-ups. To view this exercise, click here.

Knee Tucks on Bench
Staying with the bench, work your abs and lower body as you alternate between knee tucks. To view this exercise, click here.

Lunge and Press
Alternating from side to side, engage in a traditional walking lunge as you press dumbbells overhead. To view this exercise, click here.

Barbell Rows
Grab a barbell with low to medium weight, and pull into your abdomen as you engage your back muscles. To view this exercise, click here.

Russian Twist
Grab a medicine ball and balance yourself against a stability ball. Holding the ball with both arms extended, rotate from side to side. To view this exercise, click here.

Using the medicine ball again, jump into standing position and bring the ball across your body as you lift and lower it. To view this exercise, click here.

When you make it through all of this, make sure you wrap things up with a few minutes of stretching. This will help maximize your recovery for the day.

Last but not least, make sure you follow up this workout with a protein shake so your muscles get all the amino acids they need to recover and reduce your post-workout pain. One of my favorite recipes is this this one – Ultimate Superfood Smoothie.

Have any questions or feedback about my Ultimate Morning Workout? Please leave a comment below…