yoga butt workout

Yoga Butt Workout

Looking for a new butt workout? Incorporating some simple yoga poses into your lower body routine might be your answer.

Yoga does more to condition your muscles than many people assume. Although it tends to be a low impact approach to fitness, it nonetheless challenges your muscles in some pretty serious ways – by stretching and engaging them in unique poses for long periods of time.

Here’s a simple routine to get you started…

Yoga Workout to Tighten & Tone Your Butt

This simple but effective routine can easily be incorporated into your lower body workout plan, or used as a bonus workout at the end of the week.

Perform each pose once in order, then repeat at least twice, aiming for 3-5 circuits in total. When it comes to your breathing, make sure your taking in deep breaths to your lower abdomen.

1. Chair Pose – Start in a standing position with your feet together and your arms by your sides. Slowly and with control, bend your knees and lower your hips towards the floor. As you lower yourself, you will notice your weight shift to your heels. Go as low as you can, dropping your tailbone and lifting your arms straight above your shoulders. Straighten your back, and lower as far as possible, similar to a squat. Hold here for 7-10 breaths.

2. Warrior III Pose – Start in standing position, and slowly lean forward with your arms extended outward as you lift one leg up and back, keeping the leg straight throughout. The goal is to balance on one straight leg while you create a straight line with your opposite leg, hips, back, neck and head, and arms. Engage your back leg and point your toes out behind you as you balance on the opposite leg for 7-10 breaths. Repeat on opposite leg.

3. Half Moon Pose – Repeat Warrior III pose, starting on your left foot. Once in position and aligned, lower your right hand to the floor and touch the floor with your fingertips. Turn slightly to the left, and raise your left arm up to the ceiling, straightening your elbow. The goal is to open your body as far to the left as possible while balancing on your left foot and right fingertips. Hold here for 7-10 breaths and repeat on opposite side.

4. Leg Lift Pose – Repeat Warrior III pose, starting on your right foot. Similar to half moon pose, bring your right hand (same side this time) to the floor and hold there with your fingertips. Lift your left hand up to your side and bring your left foot towards the front, until your left hand and left foot meet. Both should be held level with your torso and pointed outward to your side, parallel to the floor. Hold here for 7-10 breaths and repeat on opposite side.

Looking for More Yoga?

Interested in doing more yoga at home? Yoga is a great way to strengthen and tone all of your muscles, but you don’t have to join a class. Check out this Gaiam Yoga for Beginners Kit for an easy, at-home solution for beginners.

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