wolverine workout

Wolverine Workout

There are few actors who have been in such killer shape as Hugh Jackman for his role as Wolverine and his movie series as this character as boosted him to being one of fittest men in the planet.

So how’d he do it? As his personal trainer described, it was all about evolution. And that’s a good way to look at the actor’s physical transformation for his X-Men part and his upcoming Wolverine film. It is seriously intense!

His Wolverine workout plan is based on the principle of muscle confusion, in so much that every workout involved something new. Whether it was a new approach to an old exercise, or just an entirely new circuit, Hugh Jackman’s trainer has kept him guessing on a regular basis.

This is definitely an effective approach to building a ton of lean muscle mass and getting totally ripped. Preventing muscle boredom will keep the gains coming, and the results noticeable.

If you want to experience your own physical evolution, take a look at this muscle-building Wolverine workout plan and diet…

Wolverine Workout Diet

The foundation of his workout was a solid, muscle-building diet. Believe it or not, Jackman went vegetarian and vegan as much as possible, in order to jumpstart his metabolism and provide his body with the nutritional support it needed.

When you’re working out to this extent, it has a huge impact on your immune system. After all, your immune system is involved in building new muscle tissue. Vegetarian meals and snacks are a good way to ensure adequate vitamin and mineral support. And increasing your vegan protein sources, when done right, is an excellent way to diversify your amino acid intake. Variety is key when it comes to a high-protein, muscle-building diet.

Jackman was a big fan of the Vega brand, the leader in vegan protein and supplement products. Vega’s protein powders, like Vega Sport Performance Protein, are specifically designed to support lean muscle growth and muscle recovery and if you’re one who needs a healthy snack on the go then the Vega Whole Food Energy Bars is a smart one to have in your cupboards to help keep your metabolism geared up for maximum fat-burning results.

Remember, you need a healthy, high-calorie diet in order to make significant gains in muscle. So eat often (a minimum of 7-9 healthy lean meals/snacks a day)!

Now that you have a healthy, vitamin-rich diet in place, let’s look at an effective Wolverine Workout plan…

Wolverine Workout Plan

This Wolverine workout plan is designed with evolution in mind. Your goal is to change things up on a frequent basis, while also engaging in heavy-hitting, compound exercises that target your largest muscle groups. This will help you get the most from your efforts.

In order to really bulk up successfully, you need to weight train with failure in mind. That means exhausting your muscles and getting out your maximum number of reps in every set. Follow this general lifting guideline:

  • Warm-up Set: 14 reps (30 seconds rest)
  • Set 1: 8 reps (60 second rest)
  • Set 2: 6 reps (90 second rest)
  • Set 3: 4 reps (90 second rest)
  • Bonus Set: 1-2 reps max (you may need a spotter here as you’re going to go heavy)

This formula will give you some serious gains in strength and size, guaranteed! It’s going to be a challenge however and will need your total concentration and will-power to go heavy and hard.

On days where the energy may be lacking try the no artificial anything pre workout – Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer.  I’ve been blown away at how good this stuff is, gives you the energy you need and doesn’t leave you feeling all jittery like other pre-workout drinks.

Now, I’m going to lay out the first 4 weeks for you here, after which you can adopt these same principles in the way that best suits your workout needs.

Week 1: 4 day split consisting of chest/triceps (day 1), back/biceps (day 2), glutes/legs (day 3), and abs/core (day 4)

Week 2: 5 day split consisting of chest (day 1), glutes/legs (day 2), back/shoulders (day 3), abs/core (day 4), and triceps/biceps (day 5)

Week 3: 4 day split consisting of back/triceps (day 1), abs/shoulders (day 2), chest/biceps (day 3), and glutes/legs (day 4)

Week 4: 5 day split consisting of back (day 1), chest (day 2), glutes/legs (day 3), arms/shoulders (day 4), and abs/core (day 5)

This constant change in combining muscle groups will keep your muscles responding without going overboard on muscle confusion. You can’t confuse them too much either, or you’ll never give them the opportunity to adjust to each stage of your workout.

And remember, to get him in total Wolverine shape, Hugh Jackman’s trainer really focuses on big, compound exercises like these:







Abs/Core (Aim for 12-14 reps for 3-4 sets)

Of course these workouts wouldn’t be complete without a 2-3 day per week cardio routine.  This is where you can get creative, go for 15 minute sessions of high intensity running/treadmill, elliptical, rowing, biking or even swimming.  You’ll note that it is only 15 minutes and high intensity because this workout is designed to build layers of muscle so don’t overdo it on the cardio to allow for maximum muscle growth.

Wolverine Workout Confusion

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, then this is the perfect workout to try. It’s all about evolution and change, from diet to exercise. Keep your metabolism and muscles guessing with these techniques and I guarantee you’ll see amazing results!

Have any questions or feedback about this Wolverine Workout? Please leave a comment below…