The Easy Way To Screw Diets Forever

The Real Toll of Stress, and What to Do About It

I’m writing this because I’m tired, just tired of the whole diet BS strategy that I keep come across and I’m sure you are probably in the same boat and just want to scream it out right?!

Well what if I told you that this was a good thing and that I’m proud of you for making the decision to just say “F*** it all, I just want to not have to think about diets, I want to eat well and be satisfied with what I eat?!”

What you should particularly like about this is that it sets a mindset where you are being real with yourself, and I mean being real in the sense of not pretending to like a Kale & celery juice over a decadent vanilla latté! Being real with yourself is the first step in deciding on a life change that makes it a healthy yet comfortable habit that you get into with what you eat.

The easiest way to do all of this? Simply make the promise to yourself that you are going to challenge yourself for the next month to make your meals at least 80-90% of the 7 days each week. This will allow you to take control of what goes in your poor little belly that you put through the ringer so often. After all your belly is the part of you, you really should be the kindest to.

Maybe it’s a funny approach but getting to think about things in a different perspective and actually be more light-hearted about things like this with yourself has served me hundreds of times over. Do you think this is a see you can cultivate and make it mean so much more not only to you but the people you care for around you?

So now that we’re being friends with our grumbly organ who pleads with us to give it nourishment mostly put together by our own conviction what are the next steps?

A good friend of mine was actually trying to eliminate foods out of his diet and was looking at Paleo because of the clean ingredients and after seeing him go through such a killer transformation and lean out and have great definition it was truly inspirational. When I sat down and analyzed the cookbook he got it just simply blew me away because I could consider every single recipe in it.

It’s called the Practical Paleo Cookbook and the recipes are absolutely amazing. The other night I made one of them which was Italian style stuffed peppers which I made with lean ground turkey and I have to say it was one of the most delicious healthy meals I’ve ever cooked in under 30 minutes!

With simple ingredients it felt like I gave my tummy something it not only enjoyed but also felt great because it was so clean and if you can have that same exact feeling time and time again>? The good news is that you don’t even have to do the full Paleo “diet” but use the principal of the clean ingredients and you are going to WIN!

I’d love to hear you feedback on this and any experiences you have to share on this matter so please leave a comment below or share it with your friends on Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter, etc.