weight loss after pregnancy

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Being pregnant is demanding and exhausting and the reward for mothers at the end is a magnificent creation that requires constant attention. It is very easy to forget that you were once a person with thoughts and feelings and a body that belonged to you.

Weight loss after pregnancy can be confusing. For some of you it is the last thing on your mind and for others of you it is a guilty chip on your shoulder.

The fact is that there are some easy ways to maintain effective weight loss after pregnancy without ignoring your baby or overworking your tired body!

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Not Just About the Baby!
You know how the doctor kept stressing that in order for the baby inside you to be healthy you needed to be healthy? Well, that is something that you need to keep in mind even after the kids are born!

The best way to start our weight loss after pregnancy is to take care of yourself in the most simplistic form possible!

Well guess what?

The first and foremost rule of weight loss is healthy regular sleep. Your body needs to repair and recover especially the first couple months after child-birth and in order to do this you need sleep. It can be hard to find the time because newborns keep erratic schedules but this is why you have to try and sleep when the baby does.

You also need to have a support system. If you don’t have a husband or family member in your home that can give you breaks then you need to enlist friends! Having someone come over and watch the baby so you can get two solid hours of sleep no matter what might be just the boost you need.

The thing about a healthy regular 8 hours of sleep is that it will help you control your cravings and will allow your body to work more efficiently so that it doesn’t need to store fat to cope with exhaustion from lack of sleep.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: H2O Just Got More Important

You may feel way more bloated than you usually do but one thing which will help you battle this is more water, not less! Water will allow you to flush out any electrolyte imbalances as well as any toxins from food or environment which may be interfering with your hormones.

A great habit to put in place is drinking at least 2 large glasses of water every morning which is when you are dehydrated the most and the good news is that this will also help your skin!

Then you must also remember to always pack not just for your baby when you are going out but also water for yourself. Remember your body is mostly composed of water and water will help your body jump back while it is trying to repair from all the changes that pregnancy left behind.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Healthy Snacks on the Go

Tied in with the water is also packing lots of healthy snacks for yourself as well. Cut up some fruit and veggies so you can continue to supply your body with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which also help dramatically with tissue repair.

Since time may also be an issue it’s a great idea to have some whey protein ready to go. Just throw it in a cup you can close off and add water or skim milk anytime you start feeling hungry. The amino acids in the protein will be a huge bonus in providing your muscles the energy they need to grow strong again and bring back the elasticity you may have lost.

I highly recommend a premium and high quality lactose-free whey protein by the name of Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey. Try the Turbo Chocolate, it tastes like chocolate milk and has a great light flavour and texture.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: The Other Milk!

Ok, other than feeding yourself some powerful whey protein chocolate milk there is the other milk which is important for your baby!

One of the bonuses of having just given birth is your ability to breastfeed. Creating and expressing milk requires calories to be burned. It is estimated that nursing mothers burn an additional 500 calories a day. 500 calories a day equals an entire pound of fat burned at the end of the week! Not bad hey?

In order for your breast milk production to run at full throttle you need to make sure that you are eating regularly and sensibly. Your body is in recovery and now is not the time to try fad diets or huge calorie cuts.

Just eat reasonable meals of healthy and nutrient rich foods (take a look at these articles for healthy meal recipes Healthy Diet Plan for Women: Breakfast Ideas, Healthy Diet Plan for Women: Lunch Recipes, & Healthy Diet Plan for Women: Dinner Recipes). And keep in mind that through your breast milk, the baby basically eats what you eat. That can help when you are choosing between two food items.

With that said, even if you aren’t breast feeding you still need to eat sensible meals. Your body has been through a huge ordeal through pregnancy. It took nine months for the baby to grow and that nine months changed your body. You will need to eat well and drink lots of water to support its rejuvenation. Eat high fiber meals (like oatmeal, fruits and whole grains) to get full faster and stay full longer.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Exercise

And, of course, the most effective way to lose weight is to move! Don’t go crazy and schedule two-hour long training sessions at the gym. That isn’t smart and your body will revolt! Try simple things like twenty-minute walks around the neighborhood to start with. Let your body build up its strength.

Once you are ready take a look at the workouts and training section or you may want to look at the workouts made for your home – Total Body Workout in 30 Minutes or Workouts for Women at Home

Weight loss after pregnancy won’t happen overnight but most women that follow these guidelines return to their previous shape within a few months.

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